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Would you give your exes’ jewellery to your current partner?
1 in 4 people in the UK would!

17th September 2008 - A survey out today shows that in these economically challenging times 25% of people in the UK would happily give their current partner a piece of jewellery once destined for their ex!

Bloom & Co, the UK’s first national jewellery repair and remodelling service, asked almost 2,000 people from across the country about their jewellery. The results showed that men were more likely to give jewellery from an ex to a new partner than women with almost 15% of men happy to pass off the gift as new as long as their current partner never found out. However, 7% of those questioned were more prepared to change the old jewellery a bit by remodelling or altering the style so that the gift was a little more personal.

When it came to what to do with old engagement rings, the survey’s respondents were pretty split with 43% saying you should always give it back to your ex. 40% however were adamant that the ring was theirs to do with what they liked. And in most cases, this seems to be ‘put it in a drawer and forget about it’ as nearly 43% of those questioned had a ring that they had not worn for more than five years. Another survey recently showed that Britons had £52billion worth of jewellery stashed in their homes which shows that an awful lot of people are sitting on their precious items.

Jewellery that is not worn, is not liked or has some other emotional attachment used to just be put in the back of the box and forgotten about but now thanks to the launch of Bloom & Co this month, people will be able to remodel to their heart’s content. Turning an engagement ring into a diamond pendant or combining old wedding rings and loose stones to create a new item has never been simpler and Rebecca Wright, the Marketing Manager at Bloom & Co hopes that today’s survey results will get people thinking. She commented “It seems that people have jewellery that they are not wearing because it has some emotional attachment to an ex. But with a little bit of design work and some personal touches, any piece of jewellery can be updated and remodelled into something specifically designed for a new partner. And people need not worry too much about the cost of doing this because most of the value of the jewellery is in the existing stone and metal. A brand new item, personally designed for your loved one at a fraction of the cost – recycling at its best!”

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• Bloom & Co – - the UK’s first consumer-facing national jewellery repair and remodelling service is part of a large organisation specialising in all aspects of jewellery design and repair specifically for the insurance industry. Services can be carried out entirely online and via post without the traditional hassles of finding a jeweller

• Ongoing projects available as case studies include:

1) A new ring from a wedding ring and an engagement ring designed to celebrate the divorce

2) The development of a new ring created from two old ones and a loose

3) The bespoke creation of a wedding ring to replace the simple silver
one bought when the couple were rather more impoverished than they
are now

4) The making of a new piece of jewellery formed from an old wedding
ring and a necklace that was never given to someone

5) The replacement of one diamond lost out of an inherited brooch after
a rather raucous night out

All work is securely tracked, processed and despatched by Bloom & Co ( and includes input from the customer at every stage of the process.

Projects start from £200.

The survey, commissioned by Bloom & Co asked 1904 people across the UK a variety of questions relating to jewellery they own including items from exes and inherited pieces. The survey was conducted in September 2008 online by Opinion Matters/

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