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--Mile High Drinks check in to the UK on Monday to perk up travellers--

Mile High, an original new health drink, will arrive in Waitrose stores on September 22, 2008. Formulated by nutritionist Stuart Roberts, the 100% natural and healthy blended juice has been created to provide exceptional antioxidant strength designed to provide a guilt-free pick-me-up. The red grape and cherry variant will be available in the chiller cabinet of 36 selected Waitrose supermarkets nationwide including the Oxford Street store in London.

UK drinks company Mile High Drinks ( originally developed the natural, not-from-concentrate juice blend to combat the negative effects often experienced when flying. The concept was conceived by Roberts, a naturopathic nutritionist and Richard Hammond (appearing in the BBC’s current series of The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc). Hammond has first-hand experience of the effects of long-haul flying after working as cabin crew for 15 years. In 2005, they formed Mile High Drinks with a mission to make an all-natural, tasty and healthy drink. Roberts fine-tuned the recipes to ensure that the final product contained a combination of ingredients that were scientifically proven to have qualities that can help combat jet lag, dehydration, nausea, digestive upsets and infections. The unique way that Mile High blended the ingredients makes the combination much more effective than each individual ingredient alone.

The original drink is also to be sold in a unique packaging format that is new to the UK soft drinks market. Consumers are encouraged to remove the outer sleeve on the bottle to aid the recycling process. The sleeve incorporates two vertical perforations that allow easy and complete removal, and to highlight this important feature, the instructions: “tear here and remove to aid recycling” are printed between the two perforations.

Mile High was developed using the synergy gained by blending multiple natural ingredients with combative properties and high levels of antioxidants. Industry standard tests have shown Mile High to have exceptional antioxidant strength. The resulting blend is a flavourful, everyday drink; ideal for health conscious consumers who, without making dramatic changes to their lifestyle or eating habits, can benefit from all the goodness in Mile High. Because Mile High is going into the chiller cabinet at Waitrose, everyone now has the chance to feel the positive effects of the combination of red grape, aloe vera and ginger without leaving the ground.

Roberts, Managing Director of Mile High Drinks, said: “We know how effective Mile High has been in the air, and we felt it only right that this drink should be available outside of the airport. By putting Mile High into one of the UK’s most trusted supermarkets everyone, not just those preparing to fly, can enjoy the health benefits Mile High can offer. While Mile High is best served cold, it does not need to be kept in the fridge to stay fresh: consumers can carry a few bottles in their suitcase, briefcase or handbag, ready for the moment their body needs a boost. Mile High is the perfect antidote to feeling jaded whatever you have been doing”.

Hammond, Director of Mile High Drinks, added: “Our aim is to make our brand available across a variety of convenient locations so that this unique drink is widely accessible - not just as a flying health aid. We have created a fabulous drink using the very best ingredients, supported by valid scientific data and a great deal of experience. While drinking Mile High is a great way to combat the common effects felt when flying, it is also a superb way to feel great after a hard day at work, a trip to the gym or just because you need a lift. The memorable brand name, recyclable packaging and delicious taste complement the health credentials and add further credibility to this emerging new brand.”


Notes to Editors:

Mile High Drinks will sponsor the food&drink towers second birthday networking party in London on October 8, 2008. Journalists are invited to attend the party and chat to the Mile High Drinks team by emailing to get a place on the guest list.

Media enquiries/samples/photography/interviews:

Helen Lewis
Tel: +44 (0)7904801669

For sales and distribution enquiries:

Stuart Roberts - +44 (0)7880755774
Richard Hammond - +44 (0)7712132854

Further information

Richard Hammond worked as aircrew for 15 years and has extensive personal experience of dealing with the effects of jet lag and other adverse symptoms of regular air travel. He also gained an extensive appreciation of how passengers were affected during flights, how they attempted to deal with these problems and how willing they were to try any new products or techniques to combat them.

Stuart Roberts experienced a particularly stressful long haul flight and decided to use his experience as a naturopathic nutritionist to develop Mile High in order to help overcome the undesirable effects suffered by many air travellers. Richard Hammond became ill after 15 years working as aircrew, leading him to leave his job and change his lifestyle to improve his health. Stuart and Richard combined their knowledge and experience to create a product that appeals to aircrew and passengers alike.

The 250ml Mile High Original drink will retail in Waitrose stores from the end of September 2008 at £1.99. All of the fruit used to create Mile High Drinks is sourced from within Europe.

Testimonials from cabin crew and frequent flyers who tried Mile High can be found at

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