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Get a Life for Christmas
and a Higher Resolution for New Year


Stuart Forster & Lynne Oliver have been operating health and life change holidays for almost a decade. They report the changing needs of visitors to their desert island well-being retreat. People increasingly seek to improve their life performance and fulfillment, just as much as their health. We are all becoming aware of massive changes in the workings of the world, with 2012 (see later) in the offing. Christmas and New Year represent a great time to pause and reflect; an opportunity to identify beneficial change at a personal level. Stuart & Lynne employ some powerful techniques to help you get the life you want, based on small scale hospitality.

Get the Life you Want

Stuart Forster challenges us to make the most of time away from work. He suggests this festive season is great time to take stock and to start bringing about the life change we really want. He and his partner Lynne Oliver, have considerable experience and can show guests how. All you need is an open mind and the preparedness to learn to quieten it!


Stuart & Lynne set up Villa Isis in rural Lanzarote as a holistic retreat centre nearly 10 years ago. They felt they could improve on the places they had been to and insisted the villa had to be mainstream, sumptuous, small scale, “home from home”, sunny all year, panoramic and easily accessible, which it is! While Lynne’s renowned yoga teaching seeded the project, she and Stuart gradually enhanced their understanding of what people needed in a retreat holiday. In the early days, guests chilled out and then went home, often to repeat the patterns that made them wound-up (dis-eased). Follow-up visits enabled Lynne to monitor individuals and she noticed significant results, especially via yoga, in helping the very common diseases and health problems of our time: fibromyalgia, M.E., arthritis, IBS, cancer recovery, asthma, high blood pressure, addictions, lower back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain. She was also able to include counseling on health / emotional problems and addiction (If you’d like to discuss further, give Lynne a ring on 0208-123-9250).

Need for Life Change (as predicted)

Stuart says “It is strange how the last few years have seen a sudden surge in the demand for “detox” , more than “de-stress”. Diet is important but Forster and Oliver think calming the mind is even more important. Our Google stats show us to be a leader on such pages with many new registrants of these terms following us in the last year. The new buzz word is “burnout” which is the consequence of pressure based on a feeling that time is speeding up and there are not enough hours in the day to get things done. We still feel “up-against-it”, even though our technical productivity with email and SMS is higher than ever. Saturated and overactive minds strive to find self diagnoses, but the basic problem is to do with quietening the mind and learning not to “auto-react”. (Forster and Oliver have no doubt that these are vital areas to address. Moreover, there is a new consensus that a change in Life Values, aspirations and behaviour is absolutely necessary).

This has all been pre-saged by indigenous peoples and ancient cultures from around the world. The most compelling oracle is the Mayan Calendar, based on an irrefutable understanding of cosmic alignment. It’s a complex story but in, essence, points to systemic global change as we approach 2012, (the last date referred to in the Mayan Calendar is December 21st, 2012. (The opening date is 16.4 billion years ago, which equates with Physicists calculations of the “Big Bang” creation event!). The fact that the calendar stops on the Winter Solstice adds an extra focus to the end of December!

The predictions / calculations of the Mayan Calendar point to 2012 as being the end of time. This is not necessarily cataclysmic, but a vibrational evolution linked to our alignment with the galaxy. This new vibration, (many are aware of it), affects our perception of time as well as on the psyche and consciousness. The internet is full of accounts of new cosmic energies coming to Earth, like never before. Our own sun is demonstrating very unusual behaviour, as predicted! Forster and Oliver think it’s not the end of the world but the end of an era. They see an emerging capability which allows us to manifest the way our life works, based on our emotional reaction to our desired outcomes. Yes, it may take some believing, but it seems to be true. If all this is news to you, and it resonates, then you will probably need a long vacation to loosen up and get through the reading list you can pick up on 2012. (Forster recommends Johan Calleman’s masterful book on “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness” but there are many others, with varied agendas).You can read Calleman and others at Holistic Holidays!

There is a consensus in the leading students of the topic that, as we approach 2012, there will be an opportunity for human consciousness to change on a global scale. (Stuart thinks the signs are now very real. You can talk to him about this on 0208-123-9250) If you feel there is some truth in this outline account, then you will also feel to consider making changes. The ways things are going, it will be hard not to!

I’m dreaming of a Lost Christmas?

As the festive Season approaches against this cosmic backcloth, we have a choice as to how we address a celebration which has little relevance to its original meaning. The December festival owes as much to the Roman Mithras and the Druidic cults as to the supposed date of Christ’s birth. In any event, the Christmas we celebrate pays only a passing homage to guiding light in the world, via our luminous stars and tinsel angels. Some of us do feel a warm affinity with singing traditional carols amid candle-lit décor, reflecting on times gone by. (Stuart adds that he loves playing the organ for Christmas Carols at Villa Isis and believes people like a good sing, expecially if they know the words and have a couple of winter warmers first!) Much of this nostalgia is based on the receiving of presents although St. Nicholas, underwritten by credit card companies, still has a strong following with his bottomless sack and mysterious chimney navigation. Yet there is a deep yearning for something spiritual around The Winter Solstice (Dec 21st), whichever tribe you subscribe to. Is our Christmas dream not connected to the birth of an understanding of how we can be directed to our higher aspirations? A holiday is a great opportunity to stop the machine and escape for some solar maintenance and a new map!

Christmas for a Change

Christmas is a popular time for clients to escape to Holistic Holidays in the Canary Islands sun yet Forster and Oliver have noticed differences in the way their guests adopt the Festive Season. These days the news is packed with climate change, eco damage, fundamentalism, failing banks, brain burning gismos, faltering economies, excessive prices. People need to distance themselves from it all. “HoHo” guests are taking the opportunity to reconfigure and update their operating systems. Once they feel lighter in themselves from yoga, therapies and letting go, they may also take steps towards addiction counseling (addictions come in many forms). They see a more specific agenda arriving, inspired by learning how to manifest the life you want while coming to terms with downsizing, divorce, managing on less, but appreciating more.

After all, what better investment could you make than in the Life you’d like to have, once you realise you can have it!!
We’re also seeing more men (and therefore budding relationships!) on our holidays as Life Change is a more universal goal than yoga and therapies!

Higher Resolution?

In coming to Villa Isis at Christmas, guests are effectively saying that they want to return in better shape than they arrived. They also like the idea of some fun festive celebration, but first and foremost, they want a healthy regime with the possibility of yoga, shiatsu, Reiki, Massage, Kinesiology crowned with guidance on life change which has become noticeably more in demand.

Don’t think that we are suggesting that you deprive yourself of life’s pleasures. Do think about having more to your life and not depriving a higher level of enjoyment and fulfillment potential that is your right! OK, we all like a party and a bit of indulgence, but when it comes to January and the age old New Year’s resolution, we’d like you to consider upping the stakes on yourself.

In the past, we’ve all pledged to quit smoking, tone down the booze, lose weight, get healthy from January 1st. It’s rarely successful, especially when the post Christmas depression has set in, and all we’re left with is guilt.
We invite you to promise yourself that you will change your life as your New Years resolution. Then you have something really positive to look forward to. By coming on a holiday such as ours for a week, (or two, even better), we can help you chill out in the sun, take you to some stunning natural locations, pamper you with therapies We can help fill the Christmas void with real camels and a clear view of the heavens! On top of that help you to set your desires and goals in such a way that you will be excited at the results you can expect.

We’re calling it a Higher Resolution.
What more could you want than the life of your choice?

For more information please contact:

Stuart Forster or Lynne Oliver
Holistic Holidays
Villa Isis, Lanzarote
Tel: 0208 123 9250
or 0034 928 524 216

We are pleased to arrange press visits as part of ongoing holidays for agreed major features. If you would like to discuss a particular aspect of the above for an article, please speak to Stuart .

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