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Almost half of British workers waste around 1/3 of their day ‘pretending’ to work and a massive 32% admit to wasting around 3 ¼ hours every day, on non-work related tasks. Surprisingly, 96% of respondents admitted to making rounds of tea or tidying desks to avoid doing work at some point throughout their day.

Recent statistics commissioned by, shows that the typical British worker wastes around 2 hours 20 minutes every day talking with work colleagues, chatting at the water cooler, making rounds of tea, tidying desks, sorting through filing cabinets and surfing the net.

Almost half of those surveyed spend 1/3 of their day on non-work related tasks and 32% admit to spending an average of 3 hours 15 minutes every day talking to colleagues and ‘pretending’ to be busy. 96% of respondents admitted to doing unnecessary tasks to avoid doing work, at some point during their day.

This means that on average, employers are paying members of staff for almost 12 additional hours per week, about 45 hours per month and around 770 hours per year1. Or, paying staff for more than 1002 days per year, when they aren’t completely focused on work.

Results from, the leading recruitment scoring website, found that 31% of workers began winding down at least 15 minutes before the end of their day; filling their final moments with shuffling paper and sorting their desk.

44% of respondents wouldn’t start a new task or deal with a request that came in less than 20 minutes before home time and, in addition, 46% of those surveyed disclosed that they leave any mundane task till the very last minute to complete.
However, 68% of British workers did state that they would stay later at work if necessary; 39% of which, claim they do this at least once a week.

Lisette Howlett, Managing Director of said;

“I am a firm believer that people work much more productively in a relaxed, friendly but highly focused atmosphere; however, to discover that people believe that they personally waste so many hours per year comes as a complete surprise.”

Howlett continued;

“I have always been dedicated to my work but admit to enjoying the odd natter every now and then. The number of people ‘pretending’ to work is very concerning but those employees who complete their daily tasks and still manage to enjoy their time at work are sure to be the happiest.”

The survey was completed by more than 3,000 British workers.

1 - Based on Brits working an average of 328 days per year with around 35 day’s holiday (25 days of paid annual leave and 8 Bank holidays).
2 - The average person works 7.5 hours per day

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