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Grow your own instant organic vegetable or herb garden, a perfect Christmas present for anyone aspiring to a sustainable lifestyle but daunted by the idea of growing plants from seeds. No matter how big or little space you have there is an option for everyone. Cut down on soaring food prices and food miles and enjoy a full organic and sustainable diet.

The organic vegetables and herbs sold in supermarkets are often imported from abroad. Travelling thousands of miles before reaching our plate they have a hefty carbon footprint. Our range of organic gardens is the perfect answer to anyone who would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle. They will also save you money on your food bills and are great to teach kids about where food comes from.

There are 9 different gardens in By Nature's organic garden scheme. All plants are organically grown in Cornwall by Rocket Gardens without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilisers or spray. Plants are delivered straight to your door in individual biodegradable pots with instructions and information on planting. Soil Association certified, all gardens are suitable for any level of gardening experience and come in diffferent size to accomodate different garden sizes and budgets.

Choose from 9 different gardens:

- Instant Herb Garden £36.99 -
Ideal for anyone who loves cooking with herbs. Suitable for gardens, containers or window boxes. (16 plants - two of each variety from the following list depending upon the season: Rosemary, Chives, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Coriander, Vietnamese coriander, Bronze fennel, Dill, Tarragon, Marjoram , Thyme, Lavender, Chervil, Italian Flat leaf parsley, Curly parsley).

- Mediterranean Vegetable Garden £36.99-
Best sited within a greenhouse, conservatory, poly tunnell or warm sheltered garden. Many of the plants can be grown successfully in containers. (Aubergine x 3, Artichoke x 3, Mixed Peppers x 3, Tomatoes x 5, Basil x 3, Rocket x 20, Courgettes x 2, Yellow Courgettes x 2, Mediterranean lettuce selection x 20, Italian Borlotti Beans x 6).

- Container Garden £36.99 -
Ideal to grow in containers or grow bags. Many of the plants will also grow well in window boxes or in the garden or borders. (Tomatoes x 5, Courgettes x 2, Yellow courgettes x 2, French Green Beans x 10, Runner Beans x 5, Mixed Lettuce x 40, Mizuna x 20, Rainbow Chard x 5, Rocket x 20, Garden peas x 12, Strawberries x 6).

- Compact Herb Garden £24.99 -
Ideal for those who love cooking with organic herbs but are limited with space available for growing their own. (Rosemary, Chives, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Parsley).

- Childrens' Garden £34.99-
If children are given the chance to grow their own food they are far more likely to eat it. Just wait until you see their faces when they pick their first courgettes and dig up potatoes. (Pumpkins x 3; Courgettes x 3; Strawberries x 3; Tumbling tomatoes x 3; Runner beans x 5; Borlotti beans x 5; Peppers x 2; Peas x 10; Carrots x 20; Mixed Lettuce x 10; Spinach x 10; Beetroot x 10; Potatoes x 10).

- Winbow Box Garden £24.99-
Ideal for those who would love to grow some of their own food but have little space or no garden available.(Dwarf French Green Beans x 3; Peppers x 2; Mixed Lettuces x 10; Rocket x 10; Mizuna x 10; Spinach x 10; Golden streak mustard x 10; Carrots x 10; Basil x 1 pot; Parsley x 1 pot; Coriander x 1 pot).

- Salad Garden £36.99 -
Suitable for gardens (aprox 6-10m2), containers, grow bags or window boxes.(Rocket x 20, Mizuna x 20, Mixture of lettuces x 40, Dwarf French Green Beans x 8, Beetroot x 10, Mixed tomato plants x 5, Rhubarb Chard x 6, Rainbow Chard x 6, Spinach x 10, Spring onions x 30, 1 pack of radish seeds).

- Large Vegetable Garden £54.99 -
Suitable for filling a vegetable patch of approximately 20m². Many of these plants can also be successfully grown in containers or grow bags. (Rocket x 20, Mixture of lettuces x 50, Dwarf French green beans x 12, Runner beans x 8, Beetroot x 10, Cauliflower x 15, Cabbage mixture x 15, Courgettes x 4, Sweet corn x 15, Tomato selection x 4, Seed potatoes x 25, Onion plants x 40, Carrots x 40, Giant Red Mustard x 10).

- Small Vegetable Garden £39.99 -
Suitable for filling a vegetable patch of approximately 10m². Many of these plants can also be successfully grown in containers or grow bags. (Rocket x 20 Mixture of lettuces x 40 , Dwarf French green beans x 12, Runner beans x 8, Beetroot x 10, Cauliflower x 6, Cabbage mixture x 6, Courgette x 3, Organic seed potatoes x 20, Carrots x 20, Giant Red Mustard x 10).

Additional information is available from Annabelle Randles
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