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Moosehead Skin Care Range

It’s all gone a bit bonkers in the world of male grooming with a number of men blinded by science or concerned that using moisturiser is only one metrosexual hop, skip and a jump away from man-tights and eyeliner. We’re here to tell you a good skin regime is all you need to keep you looking good all winter long.

Daily shaving leaves your skin more vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions and it’s common for skin to become sensitive and irritable as the seasons change; this is usually a sign that your skin is dehydrated and in need of some TLC. This does not mean spending hours preening yourself in front of the mirror, although feel free if that’s your thing! It’s about getting into good habits and investing a few minutes each day to have clean, hydrated, smooth skin that looks great. Men’s skin is different from women’s because of testosterone making it thicker and greasier, so borrowing your missus’ moisturiser once in a while is not going to do it!

Here is Moosehead’s no-nonsense guide to facial skin care:

• Wash your face once or twice a day, we recommend before shaving and at the end of the day. Moosehead Grime Blasting Face Wash (rrp £3.99) will remove all forms of dirt and excess oil. Tea Tree oil will help heal the skin and remove impurities and excess oils from the skin’s surface, while Aloe Vera will provide moisture. Leaving your face feeling clean and smooth, while maintaining vital moisture.

• Be a man and scrub your skin! Don’t worry you only need to do this a few times a week to remove dead skin cells which clog the pores and make blackheads likely; exfoliating helps remove these and leaves skin smooth and healthy. Moosehead Look Buff Face Scrub (rrp £3.99) is packed with moisturising ingredients and exfoliating beads to give your skin a deep clean. It fights ingrown hairs, improves your skin’s elasticity and will put a stop to any rough skin, with added jojoba oil for moisture and shea butter to soften the skin. (Although this is a gentle scrub it is not recommended if you have very sensitive skin).

• For intense skin hydration, purification and even deeper cleansing use a face mask once a week. Moosehead Moose Mud Face Mask (rrp £1.49) rids your skin of impurities, absorbs excess oils and deeply cleanses your pores to purify the skin. Containing Chamomile to further sooth tired skin and seaweed to heal and purify. It also has a resealable cap design; to prevent it drying out if you don’t use the whole pack in one go.

• Follow up your cleansing with daily moisturising. Moosehead Mooseturising Face Hydrator (rrp £4.99) contains sunscreen for gentle everyday protection. Loaded with vitamin A to aid the growth and maintenance of healthy skin, vitamin C to reduce pigmentation and brighten your complexion and vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant to help fight toxins. Enriched with AHA’s to gently exfoliate the dry, dead, outermost layers of skin while moisturising the newly revealed layers, helping to eliminate those nasty fine lines and wrinkles and giving your skin a healthy glow.

P.S. No moose or any other animals were harmed in the making of these products.

For further information, images or samples please contact: Zoe Porteous or Juliette Fleming at Boutique Communications on 01273 699500.
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Notes to Editors:

Please note the full range of Moosehead products are available from Sainsbury’s and Moosehead hair waxes are also available from Boots.

The range includes:

• Moosehead Shaping Dough rrp £4.99
• Moosehead Forming Wax rrp £4.99
• Moosehead Cement Set rrp £4.99
• Moosehead Defining Paste rrp £4.99
• Moosehead Matt Holding Mud rrp £4.99
• Moosehead Deo Sprays (Mellow, Raging, Alluring) rrp £2.49
• Moosehead Dirty Boy Body Wash rrp £2.49
• Moosehead Grime Blasting Face Wash rrp £3.99
• Moosehead Look Buff Face Scrub rrp £3.99
• Moosehead Moose Mud Face Mask rrp £1.49
• Moosehead Moose-turising Face Hydrator rrp £4.99

Gift sets also available for a limited time only:

• Moosehead Pick Up Pack rrp £5.00
• Moosehead Party Pack rrp £5.00
• Moosehead Cashed Up Pack rrp £8.00
• Moosehead Beanie Pack rrp £10.00

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