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Your star sign could help you land your dream job, according to a survey of UK businesses released today.

One in five employers admitted to having taken a candidate’s star sign into consideration during the recruitment process in a bid to secure the right person for the job.

More than ten per cent admitted to doing so on a regular basis, claiming star signs could give some insight into the candidate’s personality that the interview process may not uncover.

The survey was conducted after the astrologers behind free horoscopes website,, noticed they were regularly being contacted by employers asking about work-related personality traits traditionally linked to each star sign.

Judi Vitali, Marie Claire Astrologist and expert behind, said: “We were surprised to find that we were receiving a substantial number of emails from recruitment companies or business decision makers asking about work-related strengths and weaknesses associated with each star sign.

“It’s impossible to find out a great deal about a person from a 30 minute interview, so employers are keen to do everything they can to get a rounded view of an applicant before hiring them, which is why they have been asking for this information.

“It’s not uncommon for employers to give job candidates aptitude or psychometric tests to get an idea of their approach to their work and an insight into their personality. Checking up on their star sign can also provide an indicator of a person’s personality and attitude to work.”

According to Judi, it’s possible to attribute very specific work place traits to people depending on their star sign.

For example, Judi says those born under the Gemini sign are especially suitable for sales roles or creative professions such as working in the media, due to the outgoing personalities and persuasive charm associated with that star sign.

Cancer, on the other hand, is a very emotive sign with an ability to herd and nurture, making Cancerians ideal for nursing or teaching roles.

Leos are said to be natural born leaders who thrive on being the centre of attention. Many well known and successful actors or statesman are born under this sign including Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron and Dustin Hoffman as well as previous US president Bill Clinton. However, Judi claims Leos are not always suitable for roles that rely on the ability to take orders or be a team player due to ego-fuelled temper tantrums that may erupt when Leo’s whims are not catered to.

Greta Hill-Lyons is managing director of Scotland’s leading recruitment website, as well as being the creator of new online reality TV show, The Hirer – based on a format similar to The Apprentice.

Greta currently consults with an astrologer providing light-hearted careers focused readings for her company’s national recruitment magazine, ‘The Appointments.’ Regarding the survey’s findings, Greta commented: “We have certainly experienced clients asking for a candidate’s date of birth for the purposes of finding out their star sign.

“Nobody is saying that a particular star sign dictates a person’s suitability for a role, but it does give an indicator of certain personality traits present that may compliment the role applied for. Recruiters can also look for validation of these in a candidate’s previous experience and work place performance.”

The website has now added a general guide to career related horoscopes for employers’ reference. For more information, visit

Comment from UK businesses:

Ben Swift is the director of Manchester based film production company PSAfilms. He said: “As we work in a creative industry, when we're recruiting we'd look for specific characteristics amongst potential candidates such as creativity, an eye for detail, analytic and technical skills.”

“Looking at people's star signs wouldn't be something we'd take too seriously as part of the recruitment process we go through, but it might be a fun way to get a feel for the candidate's personality".

Andrew Gibson, managing director of online greeting card retailer says he has referred to a candidate’s horoscope when interviewing prospective employees on a number of occasions.

He said: “I’ve worked across many different industries in my career and I think someone’s personal characteristics are incredibly important when considering their suitability for a job.

“Recruitment is often a difficult process and deciding on the right person for the job can be challenging. I have experienced occasions when I’ve interviewed two candidates that seemed equally qualified and capable for the job offered and have felt torn between which one to choose.

"On one occasion when interviewing for a secretarial role, I ended up employing a candidate who was a Virgo because the role concerned required an eye for detail and good organisation skills. Both skills were apparent from the candidate’s previous experience and credentials, as well as being in keeping with their star sign.”


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