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• Are you looking for a midwife to comment on breastfeeding advice – Sharon Trotter, registered midwife and Kamillosan spokesperson is available for comment.

• Case study stories of mums who have struggled with breastfeeding are also available.

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According to an editorial in the British Medical Journal, doctors are ignorant of even the basics of breast-feeding.

Sharon Trotter, a registered midwife with over 22 years experience and Kamillosan spokesperson, reflects on this issue and explains the difficulties new mums face.

“Most mums know that breastfeeding is best for mum and baby but this is not enough to guarantee success. Learning to breastfeed is no different to learning any new skill: it takes time. Lack of support, conflicting advice, poor information and negative attitudes are all too common. Constant support, encouragement, honesty and practical tips are the secret to successful breastfeeding.”

Sharon believes there are simple and effective solutions to any breastfeeding problems that mums’ face when learning how to breastfeed:

“By following the right advice, you will avoid any disruption to successful breastfeeding and the benefits of breastfeeding go way beyond just ‘feeding”.

Here are Sharon Trotter’s top tips:

• Surround yourself with positive support and always include your partner
• Get help with positioning and attachment from the start
• Be inventive – there are 360° of attachment so finding the perfect position for you and your baby may take a while and a certain amount of trial and error. You will know when you have achieved this because feeding will be comfortable
• Breastfeeding should not hurt – if you are in pain get help from someone who really understands breastfeeding. Contact your local breastfeeding association (see information in the peer support group section)
• If your nipples do become sore:
- correct your positioning and attachment to prevent any further damage
- use a soothing ointment such as Kamillosan to protect them while they heal. Moist healing works twice as quickly than if left dry
• Listen to your baby and feed him whenever and for as long as he wants – this will be frequent at first and is known as demand feeding
• Stimulate your breasts - just the smell, sight and touch of your baby will help you to produce milk
• It takes around six to eight weeks for the delicate balance of milk supply and demand to be established, so do not be tempted to introduce bottles or formula feeds
• During this time I do not recommend expressing as this will not stimulate you to produce milk as well as direct feeding. Expressing also defeats the object when breastfeeding is so convenient!
• Growth charts used in the UK are based on bottle fed babies so weight gain for your breastfed baby may appear to be slow. These growth charts will be replaced with World Health Organisation (WHO) breastfeeding growth charts soon


To find out more tips from Sharon Trotter or interview a case study please contact Amy Franklin on
020 7202 8520


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Peer support groups are ideal for ongoing support. To have a friend or a breastfeeding counsellor who is experienced in breastfeeding would be a great help at this time. Contact your local breastfeeding association (National Childbirth Trust, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, Breast Feeding Network or La Leche League) for details of your nearest support group.
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Sharon Trotter, a registered midwife with over 22 years experience of helping new mums and seven years personal experience breastfeeding her own five babies. Sharon is author of the best selling breastfeeding book Breastfeeding: the essential guide and works independently as a breastfeeding consultant and baby skincare advisor. She is founder of the website TIPS Ltd which is well respected for its independent reviews of mother and baby related products through the TIPS Award Scheme.

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