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Britain's demographics have shifted and for the first time ever, the country now contains more pensioners than children. With many elderly patients experiencing foot and lower leg problems it is perhaps appropriate therefore that Espère Healthcare have added a new product to their range of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing, the DermaSilk Heel-less Undersocks.

The DermaSilk Heel-less Undersocks have been designed specifically for our ageing population who, from the age of 50 onwards, may develop skin conditions like gravitational eczema and leg sores due to poor circulation and a weakening of vein walls in the lower legs.

Gravitational Eczema is an itchy rash specific to the lower parts of the legs. It is generally associated with and often triggered by venous diseases. This is why it is also known as venous eczema.

Legs affected by such a condition are inflamed and the damaged skin is red and scaly with a potential to ooze, crust and crack. The Itch associated with it can be unbearable causing the sufferer to scratch. This scratching can lead to damage of the delicate skin on the shins and can lead to the formation of leg ulcers which are incredibly difficult to treat.

Many patients at this time of life also have to wear tight compression hosiery to help improve blood circulation and the reality is that such hosiery are all too frequently discarded as they take brute strength to pull on, they can graze or break the skin surface and make the skin hot and itchy causing further irritation once they are on.

DermaSilk's Heel-less Undersocks solve two problems in one. Firstly, DermaSilk has gained a reputation over the past few years for dealing with the itch associated with atopic eczema in children. As with all DermaSilk garments, the Heel-Less Undersocks are made from a special knitted hypoallergenic silk which helps maintain a stable moisture balance on the skin whilst the free movement of air through the fabric reduces itchiness by allowing the skin to stay cool and breathe more easily. DermaSilk also has an antimicrobial shield permanently bonded into the fabric helping to reduce the possibility of secondary infections on aggravated skin, and are designed for frequent washing, remaining highly effective even after 50 washes.

Secondly, they make compression hosiery a dream to put on whilst also protecting the skin. Wear DermaSilk Heel-less Undersocks under your compression hosiery and say goodbye to fighting to get the hosiery on. Designed to feel soft and unabrassive against your skin, DermaSilk's special weave means that compression hosiery will simply glide on over the socks and as they form a protective barrier between the hosiery and your skin, they will ensure you don't rub and scrape the skin on your legs as you pull the hosiery up.

DermaSilk Heel-less Undersocks are available on prescription or direct from Espère Healthcare Ltd. Tel. 08700 424232 or visit A pack of two pairs cost £26.95 and they are available in standard or long length.


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