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* Over-indulgence and ingesting rich foods can cause or exacerbate heartburn making Christmas an extremely uncomfortable occasion for thousands of people. Now Refluxin offers a natural solution to the discomfort of heartburn.*

* *Refluxin provides symptomatic relief of reflux pain whilst preserving all essential and protective stomach acid function without the addition of aluminium based antacids.

The term ‘Heartburn ‘ is an umbrella term for common gastro-intestinal discomfort variously described as indigestion, fullness, gaseousness, abdominal distension, burning pain in the upper abdomen, chest or behind the breastbone. Mild heartburn is annoying and uncomfortable, severe heartburn can be frightening and extremely painful like a hole is burning through the stomach wall.

Conventional antacids do work well to remove the symptoms however there may be side effects.

The pain of reflux is due solely to acid irritation of oesophageal tissue and almost all antacid treatment is based on lowering the amount of acid in the stomach. People usually self-medicate occasional and mild heartburn symptoms with alkalinising agents (aluminium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate etc) which temporarily reduce stomach acid. Some stronger preparations required for more frequent or severe symptoms can virtually eliminate acid production. However the strong acid concentration found in the stomach is of critical biological importance. Two well-known functions of gastric acid are to provide the correct environment for the enzymatic digestion of food and to inhibit or kill a wide variety of micro-organisms which are unavoidably and constantly ingested. Less well known however is the role of stomach acid in detoxifying reflux components which are erosive and carcinogenic to oesophageal tissue.

Unlike conventional antacids, Refluxin acts only locally and avoids the potential adverse effects of systemic agents. Because Refluxin does not neutralize gastric acid appreciably it does not interfere with the important digestive and antimicrobial functions of gastric acid.

When brought into contact with stomach acid, Refluxin forms a foamy emollient layer which floats on top of the gastric contents. When reflux (heartburn) occurs, Refluxin ensures that the lower oesophagus is bathed in a mildly alkaline mucoprotective coating which forms a physical and neutralising barrier against irritating gastric acids.

Refluxin contains a combination of proven and effective muco-protective and alkalinising agents in a pleasant tasting, slightly effervescent fructose-glucose-citric acid base.

Refluxin does not contain aluminium in any form (aluminium has been linked with constipation and if it enters the blood stream there may be a link with osteoporosis and Alzheimer’ disease – particularly if taken for a long time.)

Refluxin – the natural way to treat heartburn. *Dosage information: *

Up to five tablets may be taken at any one time. Each tablet should be chewed separately and swallowed with a sip of water.

*Price: *£11.50 for 90 tablets from


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