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Colds and flu are part of the winter health scene – everyone expects to get at least one during the season. While we stock up with pills and potions to ward off infection, it’s the Chillow that works fastest when fever strikes.

Chillow, the unique personal cooling pad from Soothsoft, is always ready for use, cool, dry and comfortable – perfect to soothe and calm the fevered brow.

December to March is ‘flu season’. That’s when the viruses that cause the nasty fevers, headaches and aching limbs are at their most prevalent. Colds are active all year round but in winter, when we constantly move from the cold outdoors to centrally heated buildings, they can really take hold. The only real cure is to rest and let it run its course.

Fever, however, is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu and is particularly dangerous for the very young or old. It’s essential to bring down a high temperature as soon as possible to allow the body to recuperate.

That’s where the Chillow comes into its own. This amazing cooling pad uses the properties of water to cool body temperature. It is designed to be placed on top of a conventional pillow or slip just inside the pillow case – perfect when you are laid up in bed, or want to curl up on the couch. Place your head on the surface of the pad, and you feel an instant cooling, soothing sensation.

It works like this

Inside the Chillow is a patented foam core which is activated using ordinary tap water. Once the water is fully absorbed and all the air expelled to create a vacuum, the water cools the pad to between 10 and 20°C below body temperature. When you lay your head on the pad, heat conducts away from the body into the Chillow and then back out into the air, similar to the way a radiator works in a car.

The Chillow works without the aid of refrigeration or any form of power – a ‘natural’ alternative treatment.

Anyone struck down by a cold or flu this winter would be wise to keep a Chillow handy by the bed, for use day or night to combat a feverish high temperature.

The Chillow is also brilliant for inducing sleep when you are feeling overheated – either because of illness, or due to a stuffy, centrally heated room. By reducing body temperature, the pad helps create the right physical conditions for sleep. Sleep is induced naturally, without drugs or other sleep aids.

A Chillow for everyone

There are three products in the Chillow range. The original Chillow (£24.95 + £2.95p&p) is perfect for use on a pillow or cushion. It is single-sided, with a wipe-clean medical-grade hypoallergenic upper surface and a soft flock backing.
Chillow Plus is a doubled-sided personal cooling pad that uses the same Soothsoft technology as the original Chillow. A new hydro-soothe membrane on the back allows double-sided cooling, while the improved inner core improves heat dissipation. It also comes with optional rubber pads and Velcro fixings, so that you may customize your Chillow Plus to use as a wrap for bruised or damaged limbs, allowing the cooling effect to soothe the affected area. Price £39.95 + £2.95p&p.

The Mini Chillow is ideal for all uses and great for children. As well as being an instant soother for colds, flu and headaches, it can also be kept in the fridge as a first aid compress to soothe bumps, burns and grazes. The Mini Chillow costs £19.95 plus £2.95 p&p.

Chillow products are available from Soothsoft Ltd, tel. 08700 117174 or – all with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.


You can download illustrations of the Chillow from the website, but if you need a higher resolution image, or would like a sample for review – or borrow one for photography… or if you just need more information, please call SARA CLARK or SARAH MOUGER on:

01494 520584
07771 857285
01256 701357

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