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Opportunities to meet expert, Anne-Marie Newland of at The Yoga Show - Olympia
31st October - 2nd November - Stand C70

October 2008 - *Yoga for Smokers? What can that mean?* Well, it's brilliant for people who want to stop smoking who recognise that to try and stop without the support and care required would not be helpful in the long term and would lessen the success-factor of quitting for good. International Yoga teacher and founder of, Anne-Marie Newland is an expert on helping smokers quit with yoga practice and counseling. She was once a 60-a-day smoker and quit for good within one month with the aid of yoga, which worked because of the focusing on the breath and in the understanding of her body's anatomy.

4PM - 5.30PM

The Three Keys to Freedom from Smoking are:

1. Being attentive and present in the body...look at an anatomy books and find out what your lungs look like and what they are really
for .... breathing in Oxygen to keep you alive!

2. Believe nothing anyone tells you...experience it! Try simple yoga breathing exercises that let you feel the benefits of good breathing!

3. Take nothing said to you or done to you personally...ever! Don't listen to the mind .. it wants to control you! Remember your actions don't need words, just honesty...listen to yourself, not others.

Getting started:

Start with simple yoga poses, find a good teacher who you feel you can work with. You could use a Yoga DVD at home to create a positive alternative practice to smoking alone - 'yoga alone'! - comments Anne-Marie. "It's important not to overdo yoga in the beginning. Work at your own pace. The Sun Salutation is a series of movements that can be adapted to your level. All yoga moves focus on the breath. At first this can be a challenge until your breath capacity improves. Remind yourself with daily affirmations that your health and wellbeing are a life long endeavour, not just aspirations for today. Stop competing with others. Respect your own level of practice and competency.

Pranayama means: Prana - life force, Qui or Chi, Yama - to control or harness the life force.*

Lie down in a secure, warm environment in a relaxation pose. Observe your breathing and notice if it is regular, irregular or shallow. Does your mind wander? Remind yourself that this is only your mind - like a monkey jumping about and giving you no peace. Keep your attention on your breath. Watch your tummy rise and fall as if you have a big balloon in your tummy. Place your hands on your lower belly and breathe softly through your nose. Watch the breath move into the belly - filling the balloon. As you breathe out, follow the breath out of your body and out through your nose. There, at least you will have experienced 30 seconds of paying attention, and achieving a quiet mind. *Specific breathing exercises such as Kapalabhati are excellent for cleansing the lungs, strengthening the respiratory system and flooding the blood stream with oxygen. Anuloma Viloma is a balancing breath exercise to help stimulate the left and right lung and to balance the left and right side of the brain. These two breathing disciplines are great for helping you get in touch with your body and the benefits produce a profound effect as they act on the mind, therefore controlling the body. They support the desire to quit smoking.

Here follows Anne-Marie's practical 20-point guidelines for quitting:

1. Don't give up and go cold turkey if cold turkey is not your way!
2. Replace your old habit with a positive habit!
3. Stay away from replacing one negative habit with another abusive habit like eating more!
4. Eat plenty of healthy live nourishing wholesome foods. No sugar - sweets and chocolate are addictive too!
5. Start paying attention to your breathing and connect to your lungs!
6. Your lungs bring in oxygen to keep you alive!
7. Did you realise you were killing yourself softly when you smoke?
8. Why are you doing it? What are the underlying issues my friend?
9. Be attentive to your thoughts when you think you need a cigarette.
10. Watch your physical habits or grooves.
11. What is your body language when you want to smoke and what are your moods?
12. Did you reach for that cigarette packet without realising it?
13. Did you know that addicts such as heroin or hard drug users only need a hit every 4 hours, clinically?
14. Then why do you reach for that cigarette every half hour?
15. Habit. Habit. Habit, that's why!
16. If you know that this is a learned condition...groove forming and habitual, then lets break that habit and trust that you can!
17. Respect your body and the bodies of those you love and live with.
18. Control your mind!
19. Stop your mind controlling you!
20. Take action! Don't put off 'till tomorrow what you can do today!

Background: Anne-Marie worked in the rock & roll and high-stress fashion industries before becoming a Yoga Teacher. In those days she had plenty of time to smoke as she never slept! At the end of her smoker's life she was smoking 60 cigarettes a day. She decided to quit smoking because as she started to feel ashamed of it, controlled and crippled by it. Yoga practice with its attention on the breath coupled with a greater understanding of her anatomy, enabled Anne-Marie to totally quit smoking within one month. "Suddenly, my 'smokers body' rebelled and my healthy mind fought for me, rather than against me, and my battle was won!" She has not smoked for 25 years!


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