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A lack of daylight shown to rob the nation of its spirits with
1 in 2 UK adults experiencing the ‘winter blues’

We could be in for a season-long mood slump with almost half (48%) of Britons admitting winter can sink them into an annual feeling of depression, according to new research released today.
Already glum with the recent economic slump, Brits are bracing themselves for yet another downturn as the clocks go back this weekend (26th October). As winter officially begins, the days draw in robbing us of valuable daylight hours which could result in our moods taking a turn for the worse.
Surprisingly 58% of the UK population spend less than 30 minutes a day outdoors during the winter months, instead preferring the artificially lit and heated indoors. This lack of natural daylight may be taking its toll on us Brits contributing to a national bad mood.
The research, commissioned by Vicks Vitality Booster, looked into the emotional effects of winter, and highlighted the importance of getting outdoors - whether it’s exercising in the fresh air to get an endorphin lift or ensuring we are receiving a dose of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.

Women vs. man flu
In men the miserable effect of winter often materialises in the form of a “man flu” epidemic, but its women who are more likely to experience the emotional effect of daylight robbery with 51% stating they feel more depressed than in the summer. However, 2 in 5 people (41%) expressed they felt less energised and so possibly more susceptible to illness in winter.

What is the answer?
The good news is the outlook is not all gloomy, it’s important to revitalise energy levels and general mood with exercise and a healthy balanced diet, helping to keep you feeling healthy, but you can also help stay at your summer best by supplementing your diet and supporting you immune system with Vitamin C, Vitamin D and the B Vitamins.

New Vicks Vitality Booster, a unique powder multi-vitamin supplement has been developed specifically to help support the immune system so it can stay strong throughout the winter months. Even when the days get shorter, darker and colder this exceptional blend of Vitamins and antioxidants - containing high levels of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D - can help keep the body feeling summer strong all year long.

Deficiency in Vitamin D, which is also known as the sunshine vitamin, can have a significant effect on our immunity, general wellbeing and so even our emotions. Because winter sun in the northern hemisphere is particularly weak we don’t receive the level of exposure to Vitamin D we should to encourage optimum wellbeing.

Why is sunlight and Vitamin D important?
Studies are increasingly finding that Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining good health and strong immunity by balancing the helper cells, which when disrupted can disturb the immune system. Found in only a small number of foods such as oily fish and eggs, it can sometimes be hard to ensure we maintain optimum amounts. Typically we source 90% of our Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, specifically UVB rays. However, the season, cloud cover, and latitude and even wearing SPFs can impact the levels of Vitamin D the body is able to produce.

Therefore, Vitamin D becomes even more important throughout winter. For many people winter may already be associated with feeling less than their best due to the onslaught of the cough and cold season which can lead to an increase in the feeling of the ‘winter blues’ and may result in symptoms such as feeling run down, lacklustre and lethargic. This may be linked to a lack of Vitamin D.
It is estimated that up to 15% of people in the UK have low levels of Vitamin D, while 80% have levels which are below those considered optimal to keep feeling at our best .

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Note to editors
• For optimum absorption it is recommended that Vicks Vitality Booster is taken with food.
• To experience the benefits of vitamin supplementation it is recommended that they are taken daily for a minimum of eight weeks.

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