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Celebrity psychic and Sunday Times best-selling author, Michele Knight, will launch a new social networking site on October 31st 2008. The site is designed to provide a global meeting point for people who want to discuss all things magical, from angels to quantum physics.

The site, at address, has similar functionality to existing leading social network. Members can personalise their own page, download videos, chat and interact with a host of like-minded people as well as create their own network and groups. Many of the groups created so far, including one for people who want to learn more about crystals and one for people interested in discussing Tarot cards, have a distinctly spiritual flavour. Although the site officially launches on October 31st 2008, there are already 1,500 members on the site.

Says Knight, “This is the natural evolution in social networking. People have gone beyond using the internet as a way of creating superficial friendships and want to use it for their own personal and spiritual development. We have a diverse band of members from trendy students to pensioners, all sharing ideas, wisdom and supporting each other. Many people feel they can’t discuss their spiritual or paranormal interests in the conventional world and this is a place to explore other people’s ideas in a wonderful virtual environment where people create their own psychic universe. Having a place where I could talk with a whole community who were having the same kind of experiences as me and were interested in the same kind of things would have made all the difference in the world as I was growing up.”

Despite a rapid decline in the numbers of people in the UK attending church on a regular basis, figures show that there is a dramatic increase in the number of people who are interested or participate in what were once considered alternative forms of spirituality, ranging from Shamanism to Buddhism.

Adds Knight, “We are all incredibly lucky to live in a time when we have the freedom and the ability literally at our fingertips to explore, discuss and find out about so many rich and diverse ways of viewing the world and our own spiritual development.”

Visitors to the site will also notice that there is a group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In her autobiography, Touched by Evil, listed in this week’s Sunday Times non-fiction best-sellers top 10, Knight talks frankly about her childhood and the sexual abuse that she endured.

Explains Knight, “The decision to write the book was extremely hard as I knew that I would have to revisit some experiences that I would rather forget. I went ahead because, despite the amazing work by organisations such as the NSPCC in the UK, many, many people in the UK and around the world are living with memories of abuse or actually going through the kind of things I went through today. Even though I felt extremely vulnerable even talking about what had happened to me, I thought, if one person who has been or is being abused reads this and feels that they aren't alone, that there is something they can do and there are people and organisations out there who will help, then it's worth it. I wanted to show that you can heal and succeed despite a terrible childhood.

Continues Knight, “I've had some incredibly moving letters and emails in response to the book from people who really thought they had to deal with this alone. Over the years, through giving readings and running workshops, I've helped a number of people, but the more I helped the more I realised there were hundreds and hundreds more out there I could reach using the internet. I launched the new site so that I could reach more people, provide a space where they could connect with each other, and put on tons of fantastic free resources, such as tarot card or rune readings, so that people could transform their lives or just get together with a great bunch of on-line mates, no matter how far apart they might live.”

Knight was also determined that the site should also be a positive place where the focus is on transformation. She says, “These days, I wake up every morning amazed at all of the love and happiness in my life and I intended one hundred percent to give people a place where they could support each other but also encourage and celebrate and make a difference. Personally, I'm blown away by what my fabulous web developers Rokk media has created and by how existing members have personalised their pages with films, images and songs. And the feedback we've had so far about the site before it's even launched is clearly telling us that visitors and members are also blown away, so we have to be doing something right!”

The site officially launches with many new features and competitions at 8pm 31st October 2008


Editors notes:

For further information or comment please contact: Michele Knight, / 01634 323376 , email

The site can be found at address

Michele Knight's biography: Hereditary psychic Michele is the astrologer for Look Magazine and lists a number of celebrities who raved about her talents amongst those to whom she has given readings. These include Russell Brand, Sue Perkins and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, She makes regular appearances on television, most recently as an expert on this year’s BBLB, and radio and is the author of a number of books on astrology and crystals. Her most recent published work hailed by Anne Robinson as harrowing, heartwarming and inspirational, is her autobiography, Touched by Evil. This was released in paperback on October 15th 2008 and will be listed in this week’s Sunday Times non-fiction best sellers list.

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