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Every year eight million people in the UK visit their doctor with arthritis while many others have serious injuries and degenerative illnesses that impair their mobility. Glucosamine helps alleviate some of these conditions but millions are left reliant on anti-inflammatory drugs to ease their pain. The withdrawal from the market of several of this class of drugs highlights the challenge in finding safe, effective solutions for these disabling conditions.

Enter vitalMOVE: the new, all natural product from Simply Vital Ltd, so called because “joints are made to move”.

Joints Are Made To Move

As we age, our natural anti-oxidant and immune defenses can weaken and we can succumb to stiff, aching joints. A common response to joint pain is to reduce movement of the affected area as many people believe that by resting a joint, they will prevent it from wearing out. However, inactivity is bad for joints, causing muscle weakness, osteoporosis and joint stiffness. vitalMOVE gently helps get joints moving again.

Harnessing powerful yet safe, molecules from the plant world, vitalMOVE reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation to the affected area and protects tissues from the oxidative stress associated with inflammatory conditions offering safe, effective relief from painful conditions such as:

• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Sports injuries
• Post-operative recovery

Key ingredients in vitalMOVE

PhycoPlus® : an exclusive concentrated extract of phycocyanins from Klamath blue-green algae (AFA). Phycocyanins perform a powerful anti-inflammatory action without side effects(1). They act by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme that causes the severe inflammatory response, while leaving the important health promoting COX-1 enzyme system intact. This powerful, selective anti-inflammatory action of PhycoPlus® has been proven in laboratory testing and clinical trials. The problem with anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is that they inhibit both COX-2 and COX-1, causing devastating side effects.

Plant Protease Enzymes - once absorbed into the circulatory system, these enzymes have powerful anti-inflammatory(2) , anti-oedemic(3) and analgesic action(4) with no side effects, and are notably more effective in the medium/long-term than NSAIDs(5) (drugs such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac etc). Due to its multiple anti-inflammatory, immune, analgesic, re-vascularising and oxygenating actions on the tissues, the use of plant protease to reduce recovery times of osteo-muscular sports injuries and post surgery, has a consolidated history(6),(7).

Uncaria tomentosa - an Amazonian wonder herb containing a specific alkaloid - oxindole, which stimulates the production of interleukines I and II to reinforce the immune system(8). It has been shown to protect tissues and organs from oxidative stress, acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent(9).

Curcumine – an extract from Tumeric with a wealth of health-promoting benefits and a long tradition of reducing the pain and stiffness of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions(10).

Grape Seed Extract – an extraordinary anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory due to the high concentration of active proanthocyanidins, which neutralise a wide range of free radicals. Grape seed extract is also known for its ability to strengthen blood capillaries and improve circulation with more than 70 studies demonstrating its health benefits.

Directions for use: Take one or two capsules twice daily on an empty stomach or with a little fruit. Contra-indications: pregnancy, gastric ulcers, anti-coagulant drugs.

vitalMOVE is available at - 50 capsules cost £15.00

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On behalf of: Simply Vital Ltd
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Notes for Editors:

1) Low impact exercise and physical activity are specifically recommended in OA management guidelines(11, 12) and studies have shown that quadriceps strengthening and aerobic exercise are of proven benefit to patients with knee pain(13) .

2) All products from Simply Vital Ltd: consist entirely of natural ingredients (organic where possible) and offer by design, an efficient, effective way to nourish and nurture body, mind and emotions both for health promotion and as initial treatment for any illness with the intention of avoiding or reducing synthetic drug regimes.

All products:

• are developed and produced in accordance with strict regulatory requirements
• are based on good science and are supported by clinical trials
• encourage healing at the deepest level
• work in synergy with other complementary therapies


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