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With German Army, Police and Ministry of Justice already amongst its users, cynapspro, Germany’s leading end-point security software company, is offering UK police and security organisations a 90 day ‘no-strings’ trial of its software to prove its security capabilities. The software, known as the cynapspro suite 2008, prevents the use of unauthorised memory sticks and external devices being attached to PCs and laptops. It also encrypts all data, rendering it useless and unreadable except to authorised users.

The cynapspro suite 2008 uniquely combines device management, application access control, encryption for external devices and pre-boot authentication into one single management platform. The suite consists of three modules:

· devicepro 2008 controls access to ports and external storage
· cryptionpro 2008 encrypts software saved to USB sticks or other external devices
· applicationpro 2008 restricts the use of applications to approved software and users.

All modules have been designed to eliminate the need for on-site training and cost intensive professional services. This design criteria has been borne out in practice by the many hundreds of successful customer installations.
With over 450,000 PCs and laptops being managed by the cynapspro suite software in over 20 countries, the company is entering the UK marketplace, targeting sectors where it has already significant success, namely regional and central government, police and areas where sensitive data is accessible on networks.

Joint Managing Director Sergej Schlotthauer comments; “The growth of our company only emphasises the growing need to protect vulnerable information held in electronic form. Tens of thousands of organisations hold sensitive and personal data on their networks, protected by sophisticated firewalls to prevent unauthorised Internet access. Yet up to 80% of all IT security violations and up to 70% of all identity thefts happen within an organisation. That’s what we are protecting against. It is our sole mission.”
“It’s pointless spending large sums of money on physical protection when all the corporate data can be lost or stolen on a USB stick” he adds.

Each cynapspro software module is charged for on a per seat basis, the more seats, the less the charge per seat. Costs start at £16.50/seat for devicepro, £12.20/seat for cryptionpro and £12.20/seat for applicationpro. For all three modules, the cost per seat starts at £27.90. Support and major upgrades are charged in addition.

For further information contact:

Tim Wickes
cynapspro UK
Tel: 01628 668768
Mob: 07958933094

Ilga Groeschel
Marketing cynapspro GMBH
Tel:+49 6341 994 970

Cynapspro website

Notes for Editor:

Company background

In 2005, two German software companies, Softbroker GmbH and SoftEP launched a joint venture to produce an end point security product aimed at ensuring data confidentiality and protection within computer networks. The resulting product was known as cynapspro. So successful was cynapspro that a joint company called cynapspro GmbH was set up in 2007 by the two companies.
Today, the cynapspro suite 2008 has been installed at over 800 customer sites in 20 countries and manages more than 450,000 clients. It has been successfully implemented with several large international corporations with more than 10000 employees.

Reference customers

As information security is cynapspro’s business, it does not publish a customer list. However, some customers are prepared to be interviewed. Contact details are available on request.

Cynapspro Suite - Product Details

cynapspro delivers the endpoint-data-loss-prevention-solution features and functionality that companies of all sizes require.
The cynapspro suite 2008 consists of the following products:

devicepro 2008 prevents data leakage by controlling who is allowed to access external storage media, such as memory sticks, CDs, and external hard drives, or transmission mechanisms, such as WiFi or Infrared.

With devicepro 2008 in place, no unauthorised person can take in-house data, by simply using a USB memory stick or an external hard drive. Furthermore, devicepro 2008 limits the risk of someone introducing viruses, Trojans or other infections via such devices.
The sophisticated rights management system can be user or machine centered or combined. It supports different device right levels such as read, read/write or no access; temporary or scheduled access. devicepro 2008 also supports device whitelists for device types and even for unique devices.

To furthermore limit and/or control data or file transfers, devicepro 2008 has added Content Header Filter (CHF) technology. CHF is used to prevent copying of individual files and file types. It reads the file header information to prevent security breaches through renaming of files. A built in wizard provides the ability to define own file type classes.

The combined feature set and the ease of use of the solution enables the administrator to properly manage all devices and prevent data leakage.

cryptionpro 2008 provides a solution for efficient file encryption of mobile storage devices. Encryption guarantees that no unauthorized people can read your data. The loss of an external storage devices is no longer a security risk with damage claims or image loss as aggravating side effects.

The combination of automatic and individual encryption makes cryptionpro 2008 extremely flexible. Based on company policies, an administrator can enforce encryption by default or allow selected end users to decide whether or not encryption should be used. Encryption and decryption happens entirely in the background, without the user being aware of the process. Furthermore cryptionpro 2008 allows choosing between different encryption types, i.e. AES or Triple DES.

For users trying to access encrypted files from an unmanaged system, cynapspro offers cryptionpro mobile as part of its solution set. cryptionpro mobile will allow the end user to read encrypted data, even when his machine has no agent installed.

applicationpro 2008 restricts the use of applications to approved software. The uncontrolled starting of applications and opening of files is a growing problem for businesses. Malware (software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's consent), and Spyware (software installed surreptitiously to intercept or take partial control over a pc or network) cause enormous economic damage, and so can Viruses and Trojans. Proactive solutions such as applicationpro directly block hazardous applications even before the anti-virus software kicks in. In addition, applicationpro helps an organization to stay license compliant and to better plan license renewals and purchases.

applicationpro comes with an intelligent learning modus, which assesses the software usage needs of specific people and groups. Thus, the use of software packages or in-house applications can be limited to departmental or job requirements. applicationpro also provides time limitation options for the use of certain applications. For example, a network may have approved leisure software for employees, but with applicationpro, its use can be limited to lunchtimes and after hours.

cynapspro management console and architecture:

Central to the cynapspro software is a multilingual management console. It has been designed to be very user friendly, yet provides a powerful user interface. It is specifically designed to suit administrators and help desk staff. Different administrative areas can be authorized using levels of rights dependent on who is using the application (Role & Scope based Administration).

An integrated reporting console offers a large set of pre-defined reports: Detailed rights overviews, rights updates, access statistics and a complete SOX compliant audit trail supporting the 4-eyes-principle for Management and Employee Committee.

The built in ticketing system for the cynapspro’s user helpdesk supports single click right assignments.

For rights management, the software automatically synchronizes with MS Active Directory or Novell eDirectory or organisations can create their own directory. Changes to user rights happen in real time without the need to create or change Active Directory group policies or schema extensions. Mobile users are support using secure remote authorization codes. ´

The ability to pre-schedule device permission assignments will help the administrator with the initial roll-out.

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