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…New Version Delivers Wider Support for Leading Database Platforms, JMS Integration, Usability and Performance Enhancements…

November 10, 2008 – GoldenGate Software Inc., a leading provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, today announced the availability of GoldenGate® version 10.0, a transactional data management platform which enables real-time business operations. With today’s release, GoldenGate expands support for heterogeneous databases, provides improved performance and manageability, and introduces new data integration functionality with Java Message Service (JMS) integration to support event-driven architectures (EDA) and service oriented architectures (SOA).

“Database and platform heterogeneity is a fact of life for today’s global enterprise, regardless of industry sector. Because of this, GoldenGate has fully aligned with our leading database and platform partners to provide our customers with optimal functionality and support so they can easily decide on which environment to deploy their most critical systems and seamlessly migrate with minimal business impact,” said Sami Akbay, vice president of product management and marketing for GoldenGate. “In addition to heterogeneous platform support, performance and ease-of-use are always a high priority for our customers when managing mission critical applications. With GoldenGate v10.0, we continue to stay 100% focused on delivering the highest performance, broadest database support, real-time infrastructure solution to the market.”

GoldenGate v10.0 delivers greater support and flexibility for heterogeneous environments, including:

• Oracle 11g support in addition to archive-log only GoldenGate capture for RAC in 11g, 10g and 9i which allows deployment on a separate server and zero impact on the source system database.

• DB2 v9.5 LUW and DB2 v9.1 zOS – Log-based capture for latest versions of DB2.

• Ingres v9.0 and 9.1 – Log-based capture from Ingres source systems to enable high availability and zero-downtime upgrades and migrations.

• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Expanded support for tables without primary keys such as with numerous packaged and custom applications.

Additionally, with GoldenGate v10.0, customers now enjoy greater flexibility for data integration with the ability to provide a JMS feed from heterogeneous source systems. GoldenGate can publish events from production systems to messaging systems in real-time enabling multiple subscribers of those events to receive the event message without delay. Using this capability, GoldenGate users can deploy event-driven architecture and send notifications or trigger automated business processes to react to a business event in a timely manner.

To realize the full potential of SOA, applications should be able to access business data in a consistent and accurate manner, regardless of the source system and its format. The GoldenGate JMS capability allows subscriber systems to consume the transactional data when they need it, and in the format that they need it in, to more effectively participate in business processes.

“SOA and EDA architecture deployments are on the rise and organizations can gain tremendous benefits in terms of scalability and faster time to market,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president of Information Management and Data Integration Software Research, IDC. “GoldenGate’s approach, which involves the application of dynamic data movement technology to move data in real-time from OLTP systems with Java Message Service integration, should support these architectures and provide the critical data component that end-user subscribers need. GoldenGate v10.0’s stated ability to collect data in real-time from such a wide range of databases would offer a significant additional benefit and deserves priority consideration for organizations choosing a data infrastructure solution provider.”

Additional GoldenGate v10.0 capabilities include specific performance and manageability enhancements to the core platform, which are available across all database platforms. Highlights include the Event Marker Infrastructure, which allows a customer to act upon a specific operation or transaction in the GoldenGate trail file. Specific use-cases include automatic switchover to a secondary system in the event of a planned outage during a migration or upgrade. With this new feature, the target system knows exactly where to pick up transactions and will catch-up from where the event marker was placed on the source system. Customers gain better manageability and control during their ongoing maintenance operations. Other use-cases of the Event Marker Infrastructure include the ability to automatically synchronize batch processing taking place on both a source and target system so that they are consistent after this operation. Customers can also find and track specific transactions that are of interest including the ones that do not have primary keys or transaction record numbers. With this capability users can identify abnormal events and trigger specific business processes to evaluate or take action on.

GoldenGate v10.0 also offers a unique feature known as Delayed Apply, which allows the target database to be updated with a user-defined delay, and keeps the secondary system at an earlier point in time than the primary system. A configuration such as this would provide enhanced data protection by avoiding replication of erroneous or malicious operations to the secondary system, as well as the ability to take snapshots or data reports at specific points in time.

GoldenGate solutions support the world’s most popular databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 z/OS, DB2 LUW, HP NSK SQL/MP, HP NSK SQL/MX, Teradata, Enscribe, Ingres and MySQL, and major enterprise applications from ACI Worldwide, Amdocs, Cerner Corporation, GE Healthcare and Oracle.

Product Availability

GoldenGate v10.0 is scheduled to be generally available in December 2008. For more information and pricing, please contact

About GoldenGate Software

GoldenGate Software Inc. is a leading provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions for improving the availability, accessibility and performance of critical data across heterogeneous enterprise IT environments. More than 500 enterprises use GoldenGate ® solutions worldwide, including Visa, Bank of America, US Bank, UBS, Sabre Holdings, DIRECTV, Comcast, Federated Investors, Mayo Foundation and, to standardize on GoldenGate solutions for real-time access to real-time information. The company broadens its global market reach through relationships with ACI Worldwide, Amdocs, Cerner, GE Healthcare, HP, IBM, Ingres, Teradata Corporation and others. GoldenGate is an Oracle Certified Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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