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CATS! The Nine Lives of Innovation

Best-selling co-author of FISH! describes what innovation looks like at a personal level – ‘companies don’t innovate, people do’

November 2008/London - According to global bestselling author, Stephen C Lundin, Ph.D (FISH! Has sold 5 million copies), much of what has been written about innovation to date describes the view from 30,000 ft and is geared to the top of the organisation. Lundin insists that too much attention has been devoted to top executives and an organisation's strategy, and far too little attention has been paid to the primary source of innovation - INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES – because he believes companies don’t innovate, people do.

In CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation (Stephen C Lundin, Ph.D, McGraw-Hill, paperback, £8.99, March 2009), Lundin explains the four challenges to innovation that are found in every business and organisation and reveals the nine ‘lives’ of innovation and the practical ways to unleash it - whether you’re the boss or an employee.

As well as describing what innovation looks like at a personal level and providing a curriculum for training individuals in the tools, concepts and practices of personal innovation, Lundin's latest book also provides structure to a diverse set of ingredients that make up innovation and shows anyone working for an organisation how to think more innovatively on a personal basis.

So whether your boss has already called for more creativity, or you just want to ‘wow’ him or her with innovative ideas but don’t know where to start, this book demonstrates there is no need to be intimidated by the ‘I-word’ - even if you’ve never considered yourself at all ‘creative’ or 'innovative' before!

Once people live one of the Nine Lives of Innovation they can proudly call themselves CATS - 'someone with the capacity to innovate that has an interest in doing so.' Everybody has heard the expression: 'curiosity killed the cat'. Yet every successful businessperson will tell you that CURIOSITY is the KEY to INNOVATION.

CATS is the first book to address innovation on a personal level, and illustrates that there is no need to be intimidated by the growing calls for new ideas or creativity, you just need to learn and practice the nine lives of innovation in your everyday life and get playing! You’ll not only start having more fun in the office, but also generate a new energy and productiveness in your work.

The Nine Lives of Innovation are:

Life 1: CATS Overcome the Clutter of Life: "I am taking a break. Leave me alone while I innovate!"
Life 2: CATS are Prepared for Innovation: Behind every eureka moment is a lot of preparation!
Life 3: CATS Know that Innovation isn't Normal: You will never understand or trust your potential as an innovator if you don't understand the role of being Normal.
Life 4: CATS Welcome Physical Provocation: Innovation at the point of human contact is all about "juicing the jam!"
Life 5: CATS Enjoy Social Provocation: Brainstorming and the Renaissance live here.
Life 6: CATS Promote Intellectual Provocation: This is where lateral thinking and Edward de Bono live.
Life 7: CATS Say "How Fascinating!": Innovation, like learning, is nurtured by the regular occurrence of 'non-successes.'
Life 8: CATS Fail Early and Fail Well: Rapid Prototyping lives here.
Life 9: CATS Love CAT Wranglers: You don't manage CATS: you wrangle them!

Unlike other books which talk about innovation in the abstract, CATS is down-to-earth and playful, designed to spark creativity personally and company-wide. Once you discover the joys of innovation, the fur will fly!


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