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Guaranteed Gentle Ways to
Solve All Your Naptime Problems

The bestselling author of the No-Cry Series of Parenting Books (400,000 sold!) brings her solutions to parents' naptime dilemmas –
from newborn to nursery and beyond!

November 2008/London - World renowned parenting educator, Elizabeth Pantley, thought she knew all there was to know about naps from her previous bestseller, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, until she discovered new research from working with over 200 families of all sizes and circumstances, around the world, to test each of the napping methods in her new book.

Findings show that naps improve health, mood, growth and well-being. Yet children often resist the naps they need. The results are fussy, crying babies and cranky, grouchy kids who also have trouble sleeping at night! The tantrums and whining common during the 'terrible twos, the 'trying threes' and 'fearsome fours' are all rooted in poor napping habits!

In The No-Cry Nap Solution (McGraw-Hill, March 2009, £9.99), Elizabeth Pantley, explains to parents of children from newborn to nursery and beyond, the crucial importance of quality napping in daytime and nightime behaviour, and addresses issues such as children who resist naps, dealing with schedule changes, turning short naps into longer ones, nursing at naptime, and more – all tested with her worldwide No-Cry test panel of parents.

Naps benefit a child in a number of ways as explored in the book, including:

• Naps are a biological necessary
• Naps reduce the day’s fussiness, whining and tantrums
• Naps increase learning capacity for babies
• Naps fill gaps from poor night-time sleep
• Naps improve a child’s mood
• Naps improve brain development
• Naps improve the bedtime routine
• Naps increase attention span
• Naps ensure proper growth and development
• Children’s naps give carers a needed break
• Naps are beneficial for people of all ages

Elizabeth also shows why mini-naps are so ineffective for children: because each stage of the nap brings different benefits. The first 5 minutes reduces feelings of tiredness but it's not until later in the nap cycle that stress is released, memory is strengthened, growth hormone released, immune system fortified and mood is stabilised. Therefore, short naps take the edge off yet don't eliminate fussiness or improve health!

The No-Cry Nap Solution provides over 200 tried and tested ideas to help parents FIGURE OUT FAST exactly how to achieve the quality of daily naps - with no-crying involved - that will promote all the benefits of the research.

A sleep study completed and referenced in the new book by Dr. Avi Sadeh at Tel Aviv University demonstrated that even a one-hour shortage in appropriate sleep time will compromise a child’s alertness and brain functioning and increase fatigue. While Dr. William C. Dement, Director, Sleep Disorders Clinic & Laboratory at The Stanford University School of Medicine (also referenced in the book), goes that one step further and says....” the effects of delaying bedtime by even half an hour can be subtle and pernicious.”

"Naps are important - it's a scientific fact!" says Elizabeth. "Knowing how to gently help a child sleep without making them cry is a delicate art - it takes the right hands. Yet getting children to nap right is well worth the effect since a well-rested child is happier and healthier, which makes parents and carers more relaxed and happier too."


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The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley (McGraw-Hill, March,
price £9.99
ISBN 9780071596954

About the author:

Mother of four, Elizabeth Pantley, is the president of Better Beginnings, Inc, a parent education company, and is a regular radio and internet show guest and featured expert. Her newsletters and articles are distributed worldwide.

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