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Forget the orange juice – Mile High Drinks pack a bigger antioxidant punch to prevent man flu

A new drink has been launched to give people a healthy boost ahead of this weekend’s expected arctic conditions. Mile High ( offers one of the highest antioxidant levels in the UK drinks market and also contains aloe vera and ginger, which combine to boost the immune system and help to combat the flu bug. Mile High is now available in selected Waitrose stores nationwide including the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street in London at a RRP of £1.49.

Blizzards are predicted for Scotland and most of the eastern coast of England by the weekend, where temperatures could drop as low as -5C. The Met Office is warning of heavy snow showers and biting winds of up to 70mph in exposed coastal and hilly areas as far south as Kent. Alongside the wintery weather forecasts, November is said to be the worst month for ‘man flu’ with one in six suffering (1). People are advised to wrap up warm and boost their intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fend off winter illnesses.

The Red Grape & Cherry Mile High Drink was originally formulated to help support the body when flying but is now available in selected Waitrose stores nationwide for purchase by anyone keen to boost their immune system.

Our immune systems are put to the test in the cabin environment where only approximately 50% of the air we breathe is filtered and the confined space allows viruses to be transmitted more easily. The ingredients were carefully chosen to provide the best possible support to the immune system. Whether dealing with the adverse effects of flying or surviving the flu season, Mile High contains ingredients that research shows our immune systems require.

Stuart Roberts, managing director of Mile High Drinks, creator of the drink and naturopathic nutritionist, said: “Nutrients work most effectively in the body in combination and Mile High has been formulated using ingredients that complement each other. Although each ingredient provides multiple health benefits individually, they also work together enhancing Mile High’s potential to help boost immunity. The antioxidant potency of Mile High is further enhanced by the wide range of antioxidants it provides.”

--One bottle of Mile High a day provides your recommended intake of antioxidant units--

Antioxidant strength is measured in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units. ORAC measures how many oxygen radicals a specific food can absorb and deactivate. The more oxygen radicals a food absorbs, the higher its ORAC score, and the better a food is at helping our bodies fight diseases like cancer and heart disease. Offering one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the drinks market, Mile High contains at least 3,660 ORAC units per 250ml bottle. To put this in perspective, published values for orange juice are around 1,100 ORAC units per 250ml serving, pomegranate and cranberry juices at around 2,250 ORAC units per 250ml.

Published research in America by Dr Ronald L Pryer and Dr Guohua (Howard) Cao, the physician and chemist who together developed the ORAC test, suggests that people need to consume 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units a day to have an impact on their health. Just one bottle of Mile High falls within this recommended daily amount.

--Health-boosting ingredients in Mile High Drinks--

Mile High is a 100% natural blend of juices providing one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the market. The drink is made with a unique combination of natural ingredients specifically chosen for their health-boosting properties and great taste: cherries, red grapes, aloe vera and ginger. Each 250ml bottle is free from preservatives, additives, colourings, artificial ingredients and contains no added sugar.

The properties of red grapes and cherries have been well publicised in the media recently. There are numerous studies showing that aloe vera enhances the body’s resistance to viral infections by inhibiting or destroying viruses. Research also shows that aloe can stimulate phagocytosis (the engulfing of bacteria or other particles by the immune cells) and the production of substances toxic to bacteria.

Ginger can also play a role in preventing flu as it has been shown to have anti-viral properties. It can also help relieve cold symptoms, as it acts as a natural decongestant by dilating the bronchial tubes to help breathing.

Notes to editors:

1 According to a survey of 2,000 people by Nuts magazine, men take more time off work than women with colds they think are flu. They also fork out more on remedies and 82% stay in bed until they feel better. The survey found 64% of men thought they had flu and took a day off compared with 45% of women.

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