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Corizon for Siebel cuts cost and time to simplify complex desktops with Oracle Siebel CRM

London, UK, 01 December 2008 – Corizon, a developer of enterprise mashup software that rapidly and cost-effectively delivers user efficiency improvements, today announced Corizon for Siebel to reduce the cost and time needed to integrate applications into Siebel.

Corizon for Siebel is designed for organisations that need to bring together multiple operational applications into the Siebel desktop. It allows Siebel owners to realise the full benefits of an integrated Siebel-based desktop without lengthy customisation projects. As a result Corizon boosts Siebel implementations, simplifying their delivery and accelerating their operational impact.

Corizon has brought its ability to “mash-up” applications into seamless, integrated user interfaces to Siebel by introducing a “Siebel Extension Pack”. The pack delivers everything needed to embed a Corizon mashup into the Siebel desktop using published, open integration points. As a result, project teams can focus on bringing operational applications together and then follow a rapid, well-defined path to deploy the result in Siebel. The pack also provides a number of sample integrations and process definitions to kick start use of Corizon in commonly found scenarios such as billing enquiries and case management.

With this new approach, project teams have an alternative to the slow, complex task of integrating data from other applications into Siebel and then building and extending screens. Instead, operational applications can now be “mashed up” into new composite applications that are built, tested and modified outside of Siebel, and then incorporated seamlessly into the Siebel desktop once complete.

Mashing-up composite applications outside Siebel using Corizon allows development to proceed in parallel to the main Siebel implementation in separate self-contained projects. As a result, functionality can be delivered more quickly and with less risk. Because complex customisations to Siebel are avoided, future upgrades are simpler. In addition, Corizon’s approach means that application functionality is no longer locked into one instance of Siebel, and is instead easily re-usable in other Siebel installations, other enterprise applications or for self-service.

Using Corizon to accelerate the integration of the Siebel desktop maximises the returns on the overall investment in a Siebel solution. It accelerates the delivery of streamlined, efficient user activities, because users have to spend less time performing “swivel chair integration” across disparate applications while they answer customer service requests.

Roger Buck, Broadband Helpdesk Change Manager at BT, is an early user of Corizon to extend the workflow of Siebel users. He said: “The flexibility of Corizon’s approach to mashing-up composite applications allows changes to be made to easily cope with evolving business requirements, or if specific issues arise from direct user experience. Our investment in Corizon’s software has delivered full ROI in less than 12 months, remarkable when looking at enterprise software on this scale.”

Eric Guilloteau, CEO of Corizon, said: “We’ve found that owners of enterprise applications such as Siebel struggle to reconcile their users’ need for integration with the cost and complexity of achieving it. Corizon for Siebel changes that, by delivering ‘integration without customisation’ and putting the business in charge of defining and building the composite application within a well defined framework. This announcement expands the value Corizon delivers to Oracle applications customers, and builds on our existing relationship with Oracle Application Integration Architecture.”

About Corizon

Corizon enterprise mashups transform the way enterprises create composite applications and deploy major CRM and customer service programmes.

Enterprises struggling to integrate all of their operational applications into a single CRM system can use the Corizon Platform to fully support business tasks and guide users through best practice business flows with a single interface. Enterprises increase productivity up to one third by streamlining agent and back office processes at the point of use, while reducing costs and increasing the speed of CRM programme deployments. Once the Corizon Platform is deployed, enterprises can expand the scope of web self-service simply and effectively.

Corizon’s approach is based on User Interface services, reusable visual ‘building blocks’ that enable a shared language and shared visual interface for analysts and business users to achieve the necessary single application that enterprises have been crying out for. Unlike portlets and gadgets, UI services can be fully configured to the business and user requirements. Corizon provides the security, governance and management frameworks required for enterprise scale applications.

Corizon is headquartered in London, UK, and works with systems integrators and partners across Europe including Oracle, Accenture, Sabio and Logica. Corizon is used by organisations including BT, KPN, Student Loans Company and Homeserve.

Siebel and Oracle are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.

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