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New survey shows one in three women fake when making love with a partner.

We may be liberated, educated and surrounded by sex guides but a new survey released this week shows Faking remains as prevalent now as it was in our grandparents’ day.

In the biggest ever survey of it’s kind, almost 30,000 respondents from dating website shared their most intimate moment, confirming one in three women fake at least some of the time and, before the ladies get too smug, a staggering one in four men admit they feel compelled to fake sometimes too!

Age and maturity does not appear to have any bearing, with 60 year olds faking as often as 18 year olds. Interestingly however, a person’s physical attractiveness does seem to influence this behaviour with the most beautiful people being far more likely to fake. For reasons we cannot fathom, short people (inder 5’3”) are twice more likely to fake than their taller counterparts and, contrary to popular belief, bisexuals aren’t having twice the fun but fake 50% more often than heterosexuals.

So what causes otherwise normal men and women to start hyperventilating like Meg Ryan in that infamous scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally? The top reasons given by the survey respondents were:

· So my partner doesn’t feel inadequate.

· To get it over and done with!

· Because I didn’t really fancy the other person.

· To keep the peace and avoid an argument.

· To make my partner feel good.

· Because I was trapped in an unhappy relationship.

Geographically, the biggest fakers are in Redbridge, Essex, where over 53% of people fake at least some of the time, whilst those most likely to be genuinely enjoying themselves are Londoners, 75% of whom claim they have never faked.

Media Contact:

Tina Willoughby, PR Manager,
Tel: 020 8539 2371

Research: polled 28,370 members over a two week period. Detailed stats & breakdowns available on request.

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