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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there could not be a better time to reinforce the benefits of kissing. You may be happy to learn that kissing can be beneficial to your overall health as it causes the brain to activate the release of endorphins and create feelings of euphoria and giddiness, which gets your pulse rate going up and your blood pressure rising - which are also reported to help cope with stress.

For anyone hoping to pucker up this Valentine’s Day, a few tips are always useful:

- Prioritise on what’s really important, especially with the credit crunch restraining your purse strings, so why not concentrate on what really makes a difference; like your smile, which research shows is one of the first things people notice about you. A smile costs nothing and could make someone’s day. Try it today and see how many people smile back.

- Flashing a healthy and alluring smile could definitely help attract your Valentine and give you the confidence you need to kiss with confidence. However the reality is that good living can affect the appearance of your smile. It is glaringly obvious that smoking, drinking tea and coffee, cola and red wine and eating highly coloured foods such as curries and soy sauce contribute to the dulling and staining of the porous dental enamel.

- Professional whitening can be prohibitively expensive and according to the 2008 Dental Hygienist of the Year, Alison Lowe: “Some over the counter tooth whitening products contain high levels of silica which can scratch the enamel and damage the tooth surface and others have added detergents which remove some of the stain, but have an off-putting taste.”

In stark contrast, Sunstar GUM® has brought out a palatable alternative that fits into most budgets. The GUM® Original White range comprises four products to provide a step by step approach to achieving naturally lighter teeth and a healthier mouth. In fact, when used combination the four products in the range can be up to 300% more effective than when used in isolation.1

The GUM® Original White vibrating Toothbrush® is an ultra-slim, battery-operated toothbrush which produces sonic waves designed to activate fine micro-bubbles of foam, which significantly enhance the cleaning power of its GUM® Original White toothpaste. In fact laboratory tests have shown that when used with GUM® Original White stain removing toothpaste, the vibration function increases stain removal by around 300%1 whilst special eraser filament bristles and a unique air-flow enhancing bristle trim provide another 50% increase in stain removal power2.

The toothsome GUM® Original White Toothpaste® restores and maintains the original natural whiteness of the teeth. It does this without harsh abrasives or aggressive bleaching agents and regular use not only effectively removes extrinsic stains but helps prevent their re-appearance, thanks to a protective coating that interferes with their adhesion to the tooth enamel. GUM® Original White is also fortified with fluoride to further protect and remineralise the teeth offering maximum decay protection and the creamy texture contributes to a smooth and polished finish.

After tooth brushing, users of GUM® Original White Floss® will find it is coated with a whitening agent called micronised silica as well as fluoride which helps remove stubborn stains and plaque between the teeth where brushing alone is not enough to dislodge stubborn streaks.

The final step in the process is the use of GUM® Original White Mouthrinse® which gently dissolves any remaining stains without harsh bleaching agents and delivers a protective coating that prevents their accumulation. The advanced stain-control solution, with antioxidant vitamins and allantoin, maintains the natural whiteness of the teeth, while keeping the gums toned and firm.
The GUM® Original White quartet is available from dental practices, pharmacies or on line via More information about Sunstar GUM® Original White range can be found on


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