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Pregnant British women are progressively taking a more assertive approach to managing their birth experience and post-natal recovery with the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy CD range by clinical and natal Hypnotherapist, Maggie Howell. Encouraging preliminary research suggests that repeated pre-natal use could lead to a significant reduction in the labour intervention rate within five years.

The powerful self-hypnosis techniques, similar to those used by international athletes, combine deep relaxation and guided visualisation to prepare the mind and body for an easier, less painful and often less interventionist birth. As a result they are also being explored by many midwifery professionals in the UK seeking effective ways of helping women to prepare for and give birth more comfortably and as a practical antidote to the drug-dependent labour management culture that has developed unfettered in the UK for over fifty years which has of increasing concern for National Health Service. The British caesarean rate soared to 22% from 9% in 1980 (12% higher than the rate deemed appropriate by the World Health Organisation), however the caesarean rate of women using Natal Hypnotherapy is only 15% in comparison*.

Mrs. Howell advises that the use of the Natal Hypnotherapy CD range, as a complement to more traditional birth preparation techniques, has allowed mothers to remain relaxed, involved and in control, being conversant and aware of the experience. Being so relaxed leaves no room for the fear and tension which contribute towards much of the pain of childbirth and increases the release of a women’s natural pain killers (endorphins) and blood flow, making contractions more effective so reducing the need for intervention and length of labour.

The CD range addresses a women’s physical and hormonal developments and supports her emotional needs at all stages of the birthing process from conception, through the trimesters of pregnancy and post-natally.

Client comments:

• “I can honestly say I did not feel pain during my amazing birth.” Charlie Paris

• “Before using your Pregnancy relaxation CD I was terrified of the birth. Your CD has really helped me to prepare for the birth so I was calmer as the labour started.” Collete Simpson

• “Your Overcoming morning sickness CD was great. After listening to the CD a few times, I was not only sleeping really well but the nausea and vomiting just stopped.” Alana Grace

• “Your Birth preparation CD enabled me to have the type of birth I really wanted. Third baby and the first with no drugs.” Kathy Engles

The Natal Hypnotherapy CD range is available from retailers including the National Childbirth Trust, Babyworld, Foyles and the NutriCentre as well as directly from Natal Hypnotherapy. Individual CDs retail at £16 or £50 for the 4 CD pack. It can be ordered by calling tel. no. 01428 712615 or on-line at, with guaranteed delivery within five working days on the UK mainland.

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Notes to editors:

Self-hypnosis CDs in the Natal Hypnotherapy range are:

The IVF companion
Prepare to conceive
Overcoming morning sickness
Pregnancy relaxation
Hospital birth preparation
Home birth preparation
Prepare for a Caesarean
VBAC preparation
Fast post natal recovery
Breastfeeding Companion
Relaxation and Stress Management

Natal Hypnotherapy research

*769 women who had used hypnosis during their pregnancy took part in a 12-month on-line survey carried out by Natal Hypnotherapy. Only 15% ended up with a caesarean compared with the national rate of 23% and 64% felt that self-hypnosis had helped them to cope well with pain during birth with over half needing no drugs at all.

A staggering 90% said using the Natal Hypnotherapy self-hypnosis programme had increased their feelings of calm before the birth with 85% being able to overcome their fear of giving birth. 72% reported feeling calm during the birth with 66% feeling more in control during the birth. These findings show a significant difference to the findings in 2000 by a Pregnancy & Birth Magazine survey showing 87% of pregnant women were frightened of giving birth.

95% of women felt they had benefited from using the programme by having a more positive pregnancy and birth experience, regardless where or how the women gave birth.

Natal Hypnotherapy was founded by UK clinical Hypnotherapist, Maggie Howell (d. hyp. c.hyp, LHA, UK HypReg) following the birth of her own two children which she delivered almost pain-free and as a result of her research and hypnotherapy work with individual mothers and antenatal groups.

For further information contact:

Maggie Howell
Tel. 01428 712629
Fax 01428 712615

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