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Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan

The one thing guaranteed to get us though a grizzly and grey British winter is the prospect of Spring lurking just around the corner! Yup, with its air of freshness and new life, Spring is a tantalising season that excites us more than any other. It’s at this time that our ideas for the home spring forth like blossoming flowers as we desperately try to encourage you (and your domestic inner sanctums) to break free of the dowdy shackles of darker days and take on a new and much lighter persona.

Just like our clothing, home decor should be forward thinking, comfortable, personal, and above all… fashionable! Hmm…so now you’re feeling stressed, huh? Thinking you can’t pull it all off? Well panic not! To make sure you always know your ‘Crystal d’Arque’ from your ‘Philippe Starck’, here’s a fabulous Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ trend guide for 2009! Yay! Read it and reap, guys, to ensure you stay on domestic trend! And watch, in awe, as your home becomes a brighter and eminently fresher place…by design!


The best antidote to all those dreary sepia skies is to ‘pop’ your home with bright tones and shades. And get this; most major colour forecasters are predicting that the colour trend to watch as Spring approaches is ‘VIBRANCY’. It’s THE big buzzword in home design this season. The trick however, is to be bold, but to be bold subtly. But hold it - isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Well, no! Allow us to clarify - raw, clashing colours can be gorgeous but you should always take time to balance everything out by tempering your design with translucent or neutral tones to soften proceedings. Doing this will create vibrant harmony at home.

Navy blue, as far as we’re concerned, will replace predictable black as a decorating contrast colour especially when teamed with white. And purple, winter’s hot fashion shade, will be softened by the sun to become lavender. Gorgeous! Use punchy yellow to add levity and sunshine, and harness its luminosity to contrast with smart sharp grey or to tone in with the subtlest of orange shades.

Three very different greens round off this season’s colour palette, capturing as they do a theme of freshness and rebirth. Use vibrant natural green to provide the quintessential spring hue of fresh grass. Try dark citrus inspired greens (like ‘moody’ lime) to create a calmer look or incorporate reflective Lucite green tones to provide a subtle hue with delicate and very elegant shimmer.

A key trend this season is to mix city with country. As such, combine scary concrete grey and friendly leaf green, or use fresh green with complementary blue to mimic sky and fields. Complement your fresh look with the gorgeous fragrance of Ambi Pur Spring Meadow, an effortless aroma that combines the tanginess of luscious citrus, the freshness of morning dew and the purity of white flowers. Ahh!

As part of Ambi Pur’s Spring Collection, you can enjoy Spring Meadow in a perfume plug-in and in the revolutionary 3volution plug-in. Ambi Pur 3volution combines three alternating but complementary fragrances that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes, so your nose never gets used to the fragrance and you can enjoy it again and again and again. You can also enjoy the complementary spring fragrance of Fresh Garden in a toilet rim block (prices start at £1.49 RRP from all good supermarkets and independent retailers nationwide)..


Gloss finishes (especially on furniture) will be HUGE this season both in vibrant colour and in crisp clean white. This season, allow yourself to become a magpie and take a shine to anything that’s glossy! Use a signature piece of furniture in isolation (like a bright yellow Ikea sideboard, for example) in a white washed room to create an art gallery exhibit style or add a large single coloured iconic vase or object to create a serious talking point. Your choice of furniture can also serve as a way to add colour (in addition to function) so embrace that Holy Grail combo of beauty and practicality.

The influence of the iconic iPod can be seen in the rise of gloss white furnishings and accessories and with white car sales across Europe being on the increase, it seems that these days it pays to be all white on the night!


Just as the days are getting lighter, so too should your home! As Spring approaches, it’s time to pare down your dark wood furnishings and replace it all with blonder, lighter timber tones. Invest in low slung, long furnishings or sand down your existing darker pieces and colour wash them with white to create a dusty, sun baked look – think Scandinavian chic meets Andy Warhol pop and you’ll soon be on track. Tones to favour for this look include pink and citrus, all of which will add a candy-like, ‘manufactured’ colour feel that should contrast perfectly with your fabulous new natural timber. And always remember to cater to your olfactory senses too, and NOT just elements of a visual nature. Try Ambi Pur Spring Orchard, an uplifting heavenly scent that is gorgeous to the power of ten!

Spring Orchard completes the Ambi Pur Spring Collection of fragrances and is a harmonic collection of sparkling fragrances inspired by freshly cut flowers, the zestiness of fresh fruits and the delicate fragrance of spring blossoms. Spring Orchard is available in a perfume plug-in and in the 3volution plug-in. Ambi Pur 3volution combines three alternating but complementary fragrances that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes, so you can always notice the aroma. To complete your spring clean freshness, you can use the complementary fragrance of Blossoming Flowers available in Ambi Pur’s toilet rim block (prices start at £1.49 RRP from all good supermarkets and independent retailers nationwide).


Even as we continue to watch our spending this season, we still want to feel special at home, don‘t we? As such, we demand that our accessories are as rewarding as possible. We thoroughly expect to be swathed in cashmere, linen, silk and satin and encrusted with precious stones and crystal! The good news, however, is that you don’t have to be Liberace to feel good about this trend! This is where our unquenchable quest for adornment comes in as we add simple splashes of elegance to our domestic worlds. So take heed! Invest in crisp white cotton bedding with luxury trims in suede and linen or add elegant touches to your sofa with bejewelled cushions and beaded throws. The new ‘Influence’ range from Matalan should do the job! It is, quite literally, one of the most astonishingly good value ranges on the market and its quality and pricing is second to none. Gorgeous things priced cleverly to suit even the tightest pocket!


This year is a great time for delving into the past to come up with the future as new interpretations and re-editions of tried and tested home classics continue to signify. Indeed just like the motoring industry, where icons such as the Mini, the Fiat 500 and the VW Beetle have been reborn with new technology, your choice of home furniture and accessories can be tailored to follow suit. Think of retro diner style coffee makers (the ones that work at the push of a 21st century button) digital ‘Roberts’ radios (which look effortlessly retro on the outside but pack a state of the art punch behind the scenes) and ‘old school’ record turntables that connect to your computer and you should soon get the gist! Yup, the ‘reinvention’ trend is all about mixing traditional with technological!


• These Colin & Justin tips are unique to Ambi Pur and can only be used in conjunction with an Ambi Pur editorial mention
• Ambi Pur Spring Collection 3volution Plug-ins provide continuous fragrance for 90 days (if used on a minimum setting for 12 hours per day). Primary unit: £7.99 (RRP). Perfume Refill: £4.49 (RRP)
• Ambi Pur Spring Collection pure perfume plug-ins provide continuous fragrance for 80 days (if used on setting 2 for 12 hours per day). Primary unit: £3.99 (RRP). Perfume Refill: £3.49 (RRP)
• Ambi Pur Spring Collection toilet rim blocks last up to 400 flushes. Single: £1.49 (RRP). Triple refill packs £2.99 (RRP)
• All of Ambi Pur Spring Collection products use real perfume essence for a superior fragrance
• Available from all good supermarkets and independent retailers


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