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Put a stop to food intolerance once and for all
- home testing kit offers fast solution for 12 million sufferers -

As National Food Intolerance Week kicks off next week (19th – 23rd January) it is estimated that up to 12 million people1 are living with food intolerance and spending2 on average up to £350 on wasted remedies and pills trying to relieve the symptoms before they discover the cause.

By using a convenient home test kit such as the YorkTest Foodscan, sufferers can put a stop to their food intolerance once and for all. YorkTest Laboratories is Europe's leading food allergy testing company and offers the only food intolerance testing service endorsed by Allergy UK.

Food intolerance is a delayed response to certain foods and can be a debilitating condition that affects long term health and quality of life with symptoms such as IBS, bloating, tiredness, migraines and digestive complaints.

Sufferers often react to more than one food, which means it can be a timely process identifying which foods are causing the problems. Getting rid of food intolerance is about identifying the foods that are making you ill and subsequently eliminating them from your diet. Currently the NHS advocates an arduous process in treating food intolerance involving an elimination diet and food diary which often proves a lengthy process.

YorkTest Laboratories offer a simpler and faster solution to identifying food intolerance with a two step test to help reveal whether someone is food intolerant and identify exactly what the problem foods are. The YorkTest First Step Food Intolerance Test provides a positive or negative result as to whether a person is food sensitive or not. If results prove positive the sufferer can then upgrade to the YorkTest Foodscan113 Food Intolerance Test to identify exactly what the problem foods are so they can begin eliminating them from their diet.

The YorkTest Foodscan includes a finger prick blood collection kit with detailed instructions on how to take the test so it’s easy to use and straightforward. The results which are based on the presence and amounts of food-specific IgG antibodies are analysed by scientists at YorkTest Laboratories who can accurately identify which foods are causing the food intolerance.

The results will give a breakdown of which of the 113 individual foods from cows milk to yeast, tea to tomatoes, wheat to walnuts, egg yolk to mustard seeds, gluten, tuna, beef, lamb and lentils are causing the food intolerance and give advice on which foods to avoid, those that are borderline and foods that are fine to continue consuming.

The process also includes two telephone consultations with a qualified nutritionist from the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy who will offer specific individual advice and help on how to incorporate the recommended diet changes. A 12 week food diary with diet tips will also be provided to help sufferers keep track of the changes they are making to their diet.

The YorkTest First Step Food Intolerance Test is currently available at the special price of £9.99 (RRP: £20.00) and YorkTest Foodscan113 Food Intolerance Test costs £265 or £245 if upgrading from the YorkTest First Step Food Intolerance Test. Both are available from or by calling T: 0800 074 6185.

For further information please contact:
Kate Screen / 0207 202 8520
Andrea Kilbride / 0207 202 8520

1 Allergy UK quote that up to 45% of the UK population is affected by food intolerance or sensitivity
2 YorkTest Laboratories sent a questionnaire to all customers asking what they had previously spent on remedies and prescriptions before taking the YorkTest Food Scan. On average food intolerance sufferers had spent £350

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