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From size zero women to carpet stains; Amy Winehouse to WAGs – British women want them all banished.

New research undertaken by 1001, the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts, has revealed what really gets under the skin of British Women and exactly what they want to be rid of forever

1001 women across the nation were asked what they want to see disappear forever into a virtual world of ‘Room 1001’.

Forget the Diet

If you thought New Year’s resolutions were all about striving to lose the pounds after the party season, think again. Just under half of all women want to banish size zero women forever, and into Room 1001 also go those continual-dieters voted by 30% of women – lose the weight or live with it!

38% of ladies loathe those ‘skinnies’ who claim to ‘love food’ and ‘eat like a horse’ but in reality don’t eat at all. Also, when you’ve been on your diet and go shopping for new outfits, why can’t a size 12 be a size 12? 32% of girls hate the varying clothes sizes in shops and want them banished for good!

Men + Alcohol = Bad News

Room 1001 is just for the ladies - a place for them to go to vent their anger and find a state of calm. But men take note, when it comes to the opposite sex... the biggest turn off for women is drunk men who think they are more attractive than they really are. Arrogance, sweat patches and inappropriate holiday attire are the other top three irritations that really rile women. So men if you are thinking about packing that Hawaiian shirt for holiday - don’t bother.

Banish the Beehive

When it comes to THE most annoying celebrities, unsurprising Amy Winehouse gets the overriding vote – nearly half of all women - want to banish her to Room 1001.

But WAGS and mistresses who ‘Kiss and Tell’ also tops the list with 54% of the votes, while 40% of women wish Big Brother rejects would disappear.

Dirty houses

The home might be somewhere women can relax and escape to, but truth be told the home is riddled with annoyances. So what do women want to banish?
When it comes to the chore that is housework, carpet stains that won’t shift are a real pain for over a quarter of women.

Most infuriating it seems, is when you’ve just put out the washing only for the heavens to open, and closely followed by dirty washing, cups and mugs being left all round the house by offspring and spouses.

Jenni Trent-Hughes, Behavioural Observationist, comments on what gets women riled and why, “It’s been said that life is ‘an unceasing progress towards perfection’ what a spot-on description for most of us! We are either looking for the perfect mascara, bra or cleaning product; or being cheesed-off that someone else is closer to perfection than us. “How dare she be – thinner, her house cleaner, her partner more successful, her children better behaved!!!? The NERVE of her!”

The things we’ve elected to put into Room 1001 are no surprise. They are either interfering with our peace and quiet - “I’m ON THE TRAIN…” - who cares? Or trying to show us up “I used to struggle with my weight but now I’ve lost 4 stone in 2 months…” …..yes we believe you but others might not.

We work harder than ever and have more responsibilities than before. Being a woman in the 21st century has its rewards but it’s also tough sometimes. We’re tired of being told we’re letting the side down in one area or another and we’re not going to take it anymore. So mind your manners and clean up after your dog. Move your Size Zero bum over so I can sit down and for heaven’s sake close your mouth while you’re eating!”

And it doesn’t stop there, other top bug bears for us girls include people talking loudly on mobile phones when travelling; bad manners; hormones and queuing for the ladies (there’s never a queue for the men’s!).

1001 is on a mission to make all irritations disappear and to make life a bit easier for you ladies. Join in the debate at where you can see other women’s pet hates for yourself and add your own.

With over 50 years of carpet care experience, 1001 provides the most effective range of solutions for tackling those everyday stains and spills on carpets and upholstery.
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For further information please contact Becky Myers / Claire Hoather on 020 7632 2400 or email

Notes to Editors:

Further detailed research available on request

Top 10 Irritations

1. Bad manners
2. People who don’t clear up after their dog
3. Size Zero women
4. Not being able to sleep
5. Hormones / Monthly cycles
6. Queuing for the ladies
7. People who talk really loudly on the phone whilst on public transport
8. People who throw litter
9. Screaming children on rush hour public transport
10. People who eat with their mouth open

Women were asked to rank 101 bug bears across the following categories:
Health and Wellbeing, Women’s Clothing and Appearance, The Opposite Sex, Transport, Irritations when out and about, Around the House, People, Celebrities, Work.

Source:, December 2008 (sample base 1001 UK women)

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