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 2001 size 18

It is never too late to get the figure you always dreamed of and I am living proof that it’s possible not just to lose weight even in the midst of the menopause but also to rejuvenate oneself.

People say that once you are middle aged it is much harder to shift the pounds. I shifted stones, effortlessly. I also made dramatic improvements in my resting heart rate and peak flow (lung capacity). My body fat/lean ratio, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also spot on! I’ve lost weight before, when I’ve starved myself, but never achieved my ideal weight and never managed to keep weight off for more than a few months. This way I dropped four dress sizes, almost without noticing, in a matter of months and whilst still eating as much as I wanted. I lost three and a half stone and metamorphosed from a size 18 into to a size 10. I sleep like a baby, have no ailments and I am always happy. The world is my friend and the Universe conspires in my favour. I live in joy. I achieved all this by changing to a raw food diet.

I became a compulsive eater at the age of 16. I’d been left home a year and was working as a virtual slave for a well-healed ex-jeweller in Bridlington, North Yorkshire. I was what was then known as a Mothers Help, the modern version of being in service. I had left home as soon as I left school at 15 as a means of self-preservation. I had a cuckoo for a step-mother. Both my brothers quickly followed my early exit from the thorny nest. I was paid a pittance and was a complete drudge, to compensate I gorged on the food I cooked and baked for the family and it made me feel better, temporarily. Although my life improved in every way, the addiction to compulsive eating had become part of who I was. My reliance on this survival mechanism was greatest in the early years of single parent-hood a time which coincided with my discovery that our dearly loved father had been dead for two years and the cuckoo step-mother had not thought to inform us. I only discovered myself because, one Sunday afternoon, just as I had swept the stairs and the resulting bits and mess were in the hall, a man who had been researching his family tree came to the door with his wife. I was informed that this was my half-brother, born when my mother was 18 at a time when such things were not spoken about and, if the mother was lucky the babies were quickly adopted and she got on with her life. It was only when my brother, now firmly part of the family, married his second wife who had an interest in genealogy that the search had begun.

It was not so much the news that my father was dead but the fact that she had not died first so that we could then reclaim the dad we had known before his re-marriage. He had been our only parent since the death of our mother from breast cancer when she was only 33 and I was six. The breakdown that followed this traumatic news was the early kindling of the light that would guide me onto the path to a life of joy. With the help of a supportive therapist and Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualisation, I learned to let go of the hatred I felt for my step-mother and gradually to forgive and to understand and to leave my sad, sad story where it belonged, in the past. I built up a thriving business and in 2003 discovered raw food whilst having a pamper weekend at an ashram in Glastonbury. Since then I haven’t looked back.

I had always wanted to find a way to heal myself and to share this with the countless other women who suffer from eating disorders and now I have. But it’s not easy to change over to raw food for the first time. We have to unlearn cooking and to learn un-cooking. Raw recipe books were not enough. Before I felt confident in my transition to raw I needed to go on a raw food-prep course so that I could fully immerse myself in the techniques and philosophy.
In my effort to share the undeniable benefits of a raw food diet and its ability to reverse even morbid obesity, cardio-vascular disease and type II diabetes, I now run similar food-prep workshops combined with yoga and lots of fun at an eco-paradise in Southern Turkey. I have also written several books on nutrition and for those new to raw I’ve written a booklet covering all the basics including recipes for some staple, The Raw Route to Perfect Health and Weight. Our next Raw Yoga Detox in Turkey is 4th to 11th May 2009.

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