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The FREESPINE is the first model of a new range of the Spine Exerciser fitness machines developed by AZ SpineX UK Ltd.
Several modifications of the Spine Exerciser fitness machines have been designed, created and tested: there are more than 10 patents by now granted.

The Freespine is the first to market and it is expected that the Spine Twister fitness machine will follow soon. (Patent already granted).

The FREESPINE is efficient machine for total body fitness, for exercising and strengthening your spinal column muscles and joints, for high body tone and perfect posture.

The Freespine was awarded a Bronze Medal at the 34th GENEVA International Exhibition of Inventions in 2006.

Most existing gym machines is predominantly linear and actually duplicates our daily routine pose and motions: whilst exercising you are sitting back, walking or running, your upright body position put your intervertebral disks and lower back under pressure. And they neglect to work lower back and deep muscles of the spine and to restore the spinal muscles balance. There is poor recreation/refreshment for your spine neither in terms of position nor in terms of motion. This turns our lower back into our weakest link.

The Freespine fitness machine has been designed specifically to work out in 3 dimensions the spinal column muscles and joints.
Unlike well known fitness machines The Freespine provides a natural and biomechanically advantageous position and pattern of exercises for your backbone and especially for your lower back and actually works out all your body major muscle groups, where your intervertebral disks and lower back are free from the pressure of your weight and your spinal muscles in both sides of vertebrae have an equal training load whilst your are keeping balance and “walking & running” on your fours. You get a good result for strengthening your lower back performance, for spinal column muscles balance, for good posture.

Try to stay on the carpet on your fours based on your hands and knees, relax your spine and walk slowly (like your cat) – you will positively get huge relief in your vertebrae.

It is absolutely safe to use the Freespine – like you crawl on your fours on the floor, but is much easy – you feel like your swim or fly in the air – pleasurable sensation!

When you are exercising with the Freespine your back is wriggling like a snake's back.

You can choose comfortable for you speed and length of motions and gradually increase the training load from session to session according to you feeling and ability.

The Freespine is the most time saving and intensive than any other well known exercise machine. Pilates works out your spine with a special set of equipment and exercises within 1-1.5 hours. Additionally, time consuming Pilates require substantial instruction and provides moderate cardio benefits, extra aerobic exercises should be added to get good overall cross training results.

The Freespine works out your entire spine in 3 dimensions through two ranges of natural movements within 5-10 min. All in one fitness machine! - All in one go! Good all-round cross-training results for spine and lower back in short time!

Essential benefits for golf, tennis & cricket players:

Majority of golfers experience back pain because they go against their body, their swing might even have all the correct and well grooved mechanics but it’s not correct for their body, there is no doubt that slouching contributes immensely to the problem. A swinging action works one side of the body more than the other and constantly puts the body muscles ‘off balance’.

However with natural and biomechanically advantageous position and pattern of exercises with the Freespine you can efficiently improve and keep your core muscles balance, prevent lower back pain and get rid of slouching.

What is more, the Freespine machine strengthens your arm, shoulder, chest and core muscles – for the perfect shot.
Triple benefit for athletes:

First - speedy and effective warming up of your entire core muscles and joints prior to any sport activity.
Second – works out and strengthens your lower back for heavy physical load.
Third - Freespine also is good fitness machine to relax your backbone and core muscles after hard training session.

Using Freespine

It’s Simple - you don’t need to remember complicated sets of exercises
It’s Fun - this is a novel way to treat your spine
it’s Natural - you ease your body through a range of movement that releases tension and helps your spine move naturally. Pure physical pleasure for your tired back!

Using FREESPINE 10 minutes a day
Keeps your Lower Back Pain away!

Please see Video Clip and find out more information about the Freespine fitness machine at our UK website

The Freespine machine is available to buy online from, Tel: +44(0)2088012072, Mob: 07723363610

High resolution photo of the Freespine available on request.

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