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NEW English Apples released to extend the season for all apple lovers

Three new varieties of English apples are due to hit the supermarkets in the coming weeks giving consumers who love English apples the opportunity to buy English in greater volumes until May.

Prior to this year, the prime time for buying and eating English apples has been between late August and February. Favourites including Cox, English Gala and Egremont Russett have given consumers a taste of the English season and with the surge in demand for locally produced food, this has left them wanting more. Now with ‘Cameo’, ‘Kanzi’ and ‘Jazz’ apples all making their debut in store, English apple fans will be able to buy English through to early Spring.

So, what’s new about these English apples?
Importantly, they have all been bred with the qualities that consumers value most. For example, they are crisp and crunchy, they taste delicious, they don’t bruise and they travel well which is good news for the health conscious snackers. Together, Cameo, Kanzi and Jazz are the new ‘designer’ apples on the English catwalk this year.

Adrian Barlow, Chief Executive of English Apples & Pears Ltd, the trade body for English apple growers, said: “It’s great news for the apple industry that three exciting new varieties of apples are being introduced, grown locally and in large numbers until late spring. The UK consumer has much to look forward to in enjoying a greater range of English apples compared to previous years and we are very excited to see the apples presence on supermarket shelves this year.”
Savvy shoppers should also look out for another of the favourite apple varieties–English Braeburn. Due to consumer demand, English growers have planted more orchards, which means UK apple lovers can now enjoy English Braeburn apples until early May.

Individual tasting notes on Cameo, Kanzi and Jazz:

‘The Apple of Britain’s Eye’ - New English ‘Cameo’ apple, the ‘Spring apple’

Known as the definitive ‘spring’ apple with a delicious fresh taste, English Cameo apple is set to wow the wider apple buying public and surge in popularity this year.
Cameo, which has an attractive red ‘stripe’ effect over green skin was found by chance as a seedling in the 1980’s. Today it is in demand for its distinctive crunch and delicious complex flavour. Sweet and slightly honeyed, with a hint of citrus, Cameo makes a delicious snack or a perfect accompaniment to cheeses. Importantly, it’s sweet and incredibly juicy, and whilst maintaining a firm texture, provides a healthy balance to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Melvyn Newman, of Newmafruit, Kent was one of the first to grow Cameo apples in the UK, he explains his reasoning behind the venture, "I was first attracted to Cameo by its great taste and texture, so I planted some trial trees. They showed that the variety grows extremely well on our farms in Kent with good yields and high quality. I am now the largest producer in Europe and I am confident that Cameo with its superb flavour and eating quality will become an increasingly popular apple with UK consumers."

Available through to the end of April, Cameo provides apple lovers the chance to enjoy English apples well past the season of fellow popular varieties – Braeburn, Gala and Cox.

Kanzi- Unique ‘hidden treasure’ set to WOW the apple market

‘Kanzi’ has been described as the new phenomenon of the English apple market. Kanzi, in Swahili, means ‘hidden treasure’ and this aptly describes the unique attributes of the fruit.
Kanzi is grown in Western and Southern Europe and is a hybrid of English favourites: Gala and Braeburn apples. The taste of the Kanzi is known as a combination of the two varieties and the growers remain in close relationship with each other- ensuring the highest quality is maintained.

Kanzi is firm, full-flavoured and has a unique sweet and sour balance to tingle every taste bud. Aside from its crisp, juicy texture, and attractive shape and size, Kanzi has an excellent aroma which contributes to the eating experience.
James Simpson, Managing Director of Adrian Scripps Ltd, says "We test many new varieties of apples and Kanzi is in a league of its own due to its outstanding taste and appearance. It has a very attractive pink blush against a light-green background with a smooth, clean skin. Its flesh is crisp, dense, juicy and full-flavoured and we believe it will become a very popular major variety".

Available from January to the end of April, Kanzi brings unique product innovation to the UK apple market.

Jazz- Wonderful taste and flavour to see it through the season

The oldest of the ‘new varieties’ and already a nominee for ‘The Best New Variety of the Year’, the Jazz apple combines flavours from its Gala and Braeburn parentage, giving it a deliciously sweet and flavoursome taste, and is set to wow the UK apple industry.

Jazz originated in New Zealand in the 1980’s but is now grown across England. Unlike other varieties, Jazz remains firm in warm conditions, despite lengthy periods, and the eating quality and flavour does not deteriorate. Most importantly, Jazz has a stunning ‘crispness’ and crunch when bitten.

Paul Mansfield of Mansfield Farms Ltd says "When I first tasted Jazz its flavour and appearance bowled me over. Its dense, crisp, juicy flesh has a sweet, slightly acid taste which gives a great flavour. Its bright red-orange, striped appearance is very attractive and it has superb keeping quality. As its reputation has developed, so increasingly consumers are asking for Jazz by name and I have no doubt it will become one of the world's leading varieties".

Available from January to the end of April, the Jazz apple provides an exciting and different flavour and most importantly is home-grown in the UK by a carefully selected group of growers. With its significant difference to other varieties, the Jazz apple stands tall above other new varieties available in the apple market today.


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