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NEW! Positive Thinking gains scientific credibility

Dr David Hamilton, research scientist, tells us how the newest brain research and pioneering experiments in the brain’s potential for change, will help you survive and thrive in these anxious times.

Train your brain to think positively - in just 8 hours!

March 2008/London - Suzy Greaves (‘the Uk’s top ten guru’), Viv Alves (one of the Uk's leading yoga trainers) and Georgia Foster (international renowned clinical hypnotherapist) – all co-founders of the Big Life Events Company - announce the date and line up for a very special brain-training seminar taking place in London on 25th April 2009: Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life. They will be speaking alongside international keynote speaker, Dr David Hamilton, a research scientist and author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and John C Parkin, author of F**k It - the ultimate spiritual way.

“Cutting edge scientific research is now proving that the brain can actually change itself. That our thoughts really do change our lives, heal our bodies and can create miracles in our life, “says Dr David Hamilton

“The power of positive thinking finally gains scientific credibility," says The New York Times of the new cutting edge brain science of ‘neuroplasticity’.

The Big Life Events Company is blazing a trail for hosting cutting-edge life-enhancing events using experts for both the conscious & unconscious mind and physical & spiritual wellbeing. At this special Change Your Thinking Change Your Life 8 hour seminar taking place in London on Saturday 25th April 2009, you will:

• Understand how the brain actually works and how your thinking literally shapes reality
• Brain-train your mind to reduce anxiety and feel calm and happy.
• Increase your self-worth and create healthy self-esteem
• Laugh more, go with the flow and quit addictive habits
• Discover strategies for increasing the quality of your life in every area
• Discover that there is no end of the rainbow and how to be happy right here, right now.

All the seminar presenters have 'been there and done it' - changed THEIR lives and reinvented themselves.

Suzy Greaves, ex-health editor of New Woman and OK! Magazine, now Life Coach, knew it was time to change her life when she woke up at 1.20am on New Year's Day 12 years ago with a crushing hangover, 30 miles from home having slept through her stop – knee-deep in debt and constantly exhausted from working 16 hour days.

Georgia Foster knew it was time to tackle her yo-yo dieting and binge eating/drinking when it became out of control. Training to become a clinical hypnotherapist and expert on Voice Dialogue Theory led to her understanding the role of the inner critic and she lost 3 stone. Georgia is now an internationally respected author of 3 best-selling books dealing emotional issues relating to weight, drinking & intimacy/sex.

Viv Alves learnt 12 years ago that it was definitely time to change her life when she was signed off sick from work with anxiety and stress. She retrained to become a yoga coach and is founder of Warrior at Work, a yoga company that promises to increase your emotional and physical strength.

Dr David Hamilton, was a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry when he became fascinated by the placebo effect and started to explore the power of visualisation, belief and positive thinking and their effects on the body. He now travels the world, offering workshops to help understand the power of the mind on the body.

John C Parkin, packed up his life in London with his wife and twin boys in a camper van and decided to set up the retreat The Hill That Breathes in Italy, and has created the F**k It philosophy, best-selling book and brand. &


• I am successful yet never feel fulfilled
• I get what I want and then feel disillusioned and itchy for more
• I'm constantly exhausted by trying too hard
• I'm constantly anxious
• I'm always on some kind of self-improvement programme
• I'm a perfectionist
• I'm a people pleaser
• I believe I will definitely be happier if I lose that stone, change jobs etc
• If people really knew me they'd soon see I am a fraud
• I'm holding my life together by the skin of my teeth

Booking Info: Tickets are £127 (bring a friend for FREE). Call 0845 430 0221 or book online at
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• Meet the hottest brain trainers!
• Talk to the a leading research scientist on 'neuroplasticity' - 'the plastic brain'
• Talk to the experts who can help you 'train your brain' to feel calm in these anxious times

Case Studies available (including each expert):
Case studies for Suzy Greaves/The Big Leap Life Coaching:

“I changed my thinking, started my own social group and fell in love.”

Anne Thorne, 52, came to Big Leap because she felt lonely and was fed up of sitting in night after night. Within 9 months of coaching, Anne has created her own social group, website and blog, created a community of like-minded ‘savvy discerning’ 50 somethings who live in her area – who meet for everything from salsa dancing to nights at the opera. She is currently writing a ‘how to’ book for how to set up your own site in your own postcode. And she’s just fallen in madly in love with a man she met through her social group.

“I changed my thinking and went from working in admin to running my own styling business.”

Lizzie Edwards, 37, left a boring job in admin to start her own styling business. “The main achievement has been starting my own business from scratch, very quickly, and having to tackle the business side of things - designing and writing my website, writing press releases, working on my own marketing, financial insecurity. I see the fact that I am really happy now as an achievement as I have had to work pretty hard on myself to get to where I am. Having a successful business that I am passionate about and believe in 100% has changed how I feel about myself and my life,” say Liz

“I changed my thinking, changed career, started my own business and had a baby!”

Tracy Lepine, 42, was a stuntwoman and decided to change career because she wanted to have a baby. At 40 she found herself pregnant but miscarried. This inspired her to look into the alternative approaches to getting pregnant and staying pregnant. This inspired her to start her company MindBodyBaby a website with resources for women who want to get pregnant naturally – they sell everything from relaxation CDs to help aid conception to healing Cds to help people recover from miscarriage.

Case Studies for Viv Alves, Yoga Coach/Warrior at Work

“I learnt how to cope with stress, have finally found my missing peace and lost 2 stone in the process.”

Mary Slatter, 51, came for Yoga Coaching fifteen months ago. She was a regular at the gym and was fit, yet she struggled with immense stress at home and work and was slowly gaining weight, accepting that it was probably to do with her age. She’d previously tried Yoga but failed to bond with a teacher, failed to meditate and felt there was always something lacking. She found the different approaches veered between the overly mystical and a jolly ladies’ coffee morning – and in any case were certainly not rigorous enough to replace her weights and circuit training. During the course of working with Viv, Mary’s way of thinking dramatically shifted, taming the wild horses in her head and she began feeling calmer, lost 2 stone without dieting and crafted the body she had in her 20s. Then everything fell into place for her. Mary now runs her own publishing consultancy & training company and is also a food writer and magazine editor: Slatter Associates

“Viv’s approach to teaching is athletic and powerful and also sympathetic. She challenges and nurtures at the same time – an addictive mix. A year on and now taking four yoga classes a week, I have lost nearly two stone – not my intention at all but I weigh what I did as a teenager and I eat like the proverbial horse! I am fitter and stronger than ever and my flexibility goes on improving with every class. But most of all, I have found a peace of mind that would be a cliché if it weren’t so wonderfully satisfying. My children, family and friends are all commenting on the difference. And as a real testimony to Viv’s magic, quite a few are starting yoga themselves!”

“Viv's yoga coaching has been a Life Changer and a Life Saver, she brought me back from the blackest moments of my life, I now have great hopes for my future.”

Helen Morris Clarke, 47, came to me in a crisis after the shock of a very sudden separation and Helen’s body had collapsed, she was in a deep clinical depression and lacked lust for life, suffering from loss of weight, hair and almost all her teeth. Within a few weeks of returning to yoga her zest for life began to return, she regained her strength and now feels more in control of every aspect of her life. Helen has her own successful Jewellery business “Snow Jewels” and is writing a book.

“When I met Viv I could physically feel an energy, her sparkly eyes and zest for life is immense, I wanted some of that! Viv has an intuition and connection with those she teaches, extending them gently forward allowing progression, both physically and mentally, in a calm, yet warrior-like way. The gentleness of a class sustains me even when in panic or crisis. I can quietly move my mind to the gentle voice of Viv talking us through poses, relaxations and meditations. She is calm and gentle, yet tough and physically strong. I am a complete convert to Viv's very special style of yoga - she helped me change my life.“

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