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Doom and gloom seems to be an apt saying in summarising the contents of this year’s media so far. The majority of recent news stories have been based on bad news, which has made for some very depressing reading. Positive and light-hearted news seems to either not be happening, which is hard to believe, or simply viewed as not newsworthy enough.

So it appears the dreaded ‘dooms day’ not only exists but occurs on a daily basis.

Having an accurate understanding of what is going on in the world is important and in an age where communication has experienced new technological advances, news stories are never far away from anybody, thus increasing the impact, frequency and number of stories available.

The human race as a collective is relatively easy to influence in terms of behaviour. General moods like anger, joy and optimism can unite and move people through the use of communications. A positive example is when Kelly Holmes won two Olympic gold medals the country got excited about athletics as there was the belief that the UK could finally compete on a global scale and win. This year the most popular mood seems to be fear, which is largely attributed to the current economic climate, and this feeling is spreading quicker than head lice in a first school.

With this observation of collective feeling in mind surely positive news should be the predominant focus for today’s media and not solely negative aspects. For example communicating the positive success stories, initiatives and future outlooks surrounding the current climate is just as important to communicate, if not more so, than the daily drudgery of reporting more bad news.

This year hasn’t all been doom and gloom; there have been a lot more than just a few glimmers of success. Take Righttrack Consultancy, the learning and development specialist, who have entered their 21st year. They have already weathered a recession, global terrorist attacks (9/11), wars and peaks and troughs for both interest and exchange rates and should be suffering as a result of the current economic turmoil. Yet 2009 is proving to be their best year; they are up 38% on last year, which is even more impressive when you consider they operate in the training sector, which is usually on of the first to suffer in a recession.

And it isn’t just Righttrack who are proving 2009 can be a success; Dunelm, Regus, Aldi and Lidl are all companies that appear to be having a good year, along with many other organisations.

Yet if you read the papers you would be forgiven for thinking that every company is struggling in the UK; the success stories just aren’t as well known. Chris Banting, Righttrack’s International Business Development and Marketing Manager said,

“Obviously times are hard and unfortunately many businesses have struggled to survive. Whilst it is important that the media generate an accurate reflection of what is going on for UK businesses, the success stories seem to be passing us by, which is such as waste, as we all know the power and influence a good story can have on building confidence and belief; both of which we need to weather such troubling times.”

Thinking and being positive is often dismissed as being unrealistic and this seems to get worse the older we become and so maybe we should remember some old proverbs such as, ‘always look on the bright side of life’, ‘the glass is half full’ and ‘if you think positive the outcome will be too’. It has to be worth a try!

If media reports are to be believed then we are only just entering the storm so unless we all want to be blue for the next couple of years we should try and embrace positive thinking sensibly; after all positivity isn’t a swear word.



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