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March 2009/London - Many people harbour a dream to write a book to be published and many dare to dream of authoring a bestseller. Best laid plans are there to start and finish the writing project and then something happens …….… procrastination sets in, maybe you told someone about your book concept and they thought it was a lousy idea and you decided against it or perhaps your busy life always seems to get in the way and other stuff takes priority? The question is: what is the true resistance that is holding you back from realising your writing dreams? asks leading hypnotherapist, Jungian Psychology-trained therapist and serial author, Georgia Foster.

There are many reasons why people don’t realise their full writing desire and potential. And it's all in the mind.

When we feel the sense of excitement and passion about writing our book, something is stirred within us. It ignites a feeling of our hopes and dreams becoming a reality. This reality often doesn’t materialise because the deeper part of our mind - where all our learned emotional habits are stored - holds us back. Our Inner Dialogue kicks in and throws us a curve ball. The trouble is, many people believe the chit-chat. They shouldn't.

Fear and anxiety promote the inner doom and gloomy voice of The Inner Critic. It says things like ‘It won’t work, nobody will buy your idea’, or ‘What is the point in writing if you will get rejected,’ and even worse, comments can be ‘You may start writing but we know you won’t finish it, so don’t bother starting.’

This Inner Critic voice is an unconscious habit that keeps the best laid plans and intentions at bay simply because it’s sole purpose is to stop you from doing anything that potentially may have rejection written all over it. This is the irony of the Inner Critic voice: it suggests all these negative possibilities just in case they happen, as a protective force and this creates real physical anxiety and self doubt that it may happen.

You may in fact start your book yet halfway through you get stuck and all of a sudden when you try and sit down at the laptop to write you start surfing the net, send emails to friends or you make that extra phone call … doing anything but working on your book! Something seems to always get in the way and then with the aid of the Inner Critic saying things like ‘I thought you were going to write today? You’ve just wasted a whole day. Why do you bother?’ "It doesn’t take much with all this ‘Radio Crazy’ going on in your head to feel a sense of hopelessness. The passion and self belief in your idea gets shunted away never to reveal itself but from the odd thought that maybe, just maybe it was a good idea," says Georgia.

"When clients come to see me with Writers Block frustration it's not because they can’t write, it is that they feel dejected before they start from the Inner Critic activity," comments Georgia. "It could also be that they have told family and friends over the years that they have this book idea which has never come to fruition so they have given up and yet still have the yearning to write. Unfortunately this leads to low self esteem and self doubt. It’s like a life force within that never becomes a reality and can feel like a bereavement for some people as their idea dies, never to be born and depression can set in."

According to Georgia, this pattern of 'spasmodic writing' or 'resistance writing' has become a learnt behaviour - that can be un-learnt! Georgia's new Releasing Writers Block initiative is both an e-book with a self hypnosis downloadable recording and a one day workshop designed to re-educates the deeper part of the mind to learn a healthier positive language that represents moving on from this negative self talk to release the book within.

How, and why does this program work?

Whenever the Inner Critic voices itself it creates a negative presence. It creates the production of stress chemicals and anxiety in the body which makes the individual feel that writing is a fearful experience. The Releasing Writers Block Program works on the inner resistances so that the writer starts to tune into the Confident Writer within. This is the part that does deserve to be present in the mind and body and through hypnosis can become the strongest voice so that writing becomes a pleasure and when this happens creativity is ignited. Then the writer can go into the Writer’s Zone where they are in the amazing 'author bubble' where the true writer can be developed. Calm, optimistic and creative thoughts are now replacing anxiety. The writer within starts to emerge and the dream of authoring a book becomes a reality.

Releasing Writer's Block e-book (with hypnosis recording) is releasing on 1st June, priced £9.99 from

Releasing Writers Block One Day Workshop is £199 and includes a free download of the e-book and recording. Bookings can be made via or by calling 0845 660 4396.

PRESS SPACES AVAILABLE: Initial workshops dates released for 2009 are:

4th July and 19th September - Venue: West London


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