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Oxford - Apr 06, 2009 – NetMotion Wireless , a leading provider of mobile productivity and management software, today announced that Broadband-Testing Laboratories, Europe's foremost independent network testing facility, has awarded its flagship product, NetMotion Mobility XE with its rarely-bestowed Gold Award after putting the Mobile VPN solution through a series of rigorous tests.

Principal findings as reported by Broadband Testing Laboratories included:

# With Mobility XE we set out to prove the benefits of having continuous connectivity at the application layer, regardless of the data network connection.

# Running over Wired, WLAN and cellular mobile data, we showed that the NetMotion Mobility XE solution allows a computer or PDA/smartphone user to maximise their work opportunity by making use of any available data network connection.

# The working model is pure client-server, easy to deploy and simple to understand.

# While complex beneath, on the surface, to the end user, the Mobility XE service is completely transparent.

# Management facilities in-built in the product like NAC and Policy Management options enable users and applications to be controlled to a very fine degree.

# Using these tools, all traffic and data conditions can be optimised and maximised, users and applications prioritised. For example, the Mobility client will automatically move the user to the highest bandwidth, most cost-effective or whichever has been prioritised, as and when it sees any new network option – transparent to the user.

# With NetMotion Mobility technologies we saw up to a 500% improvement in performance when downloading from and surfing the Internet.

Today, NetMotion's Mobile VPN software, Mobility XE™, is utilised by more than 1,400 business and agencies around the globe to secure wireless connections to applications across wireless coverage gaps and data networks, while providing powerful centralised management tools for IT administrators to manage networks they do not control. Across Europe, the company’s Mobile VPN is utilized by a number of enterprises and agencies including Unilever PLC, the London Fire Brigade, Johnson Controls, Birmingham City Council, Powys County Council, Oxfordshire and Durham County Councils, South East Water, South West Water and Welsh Water, the University of Oxford, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and SAAB Security Systems in Sweden.

“NetMotion has always held to the highest standards for coupling end user productivity and applications performance with securing data communications across all networks – wired or wireless, providing a level of security that allows untrusted networks to be trusted” said Stef Coetzee, Senior Vice President who has led the international expansion for NetMotion Wireless. “Adding the validation from Broadband Testing to the experience of our customers to protect their most-at-risk mobile devices, provides even greater customer confidence. With NetMotion Mobility XE being a software-only offering, customers can leverage their existing applications to prove the benefits of secure wireless and mobile working using our no-cost evaluation, without requiring significant additional investment,.”

"NetMotion Mobility XE has made some very bold claims with respect to its Mobile VPN product - not least the idea of revolutionizing the ease and speed with which existing applications can be rolled out securely to end users using any type of network – wired or wireless. We have conducted rigorous testing and found everything to work exactly as it says on the tin," said Steve Broadhead, Founder and Director, Broadband-Testing Laboratories. "The software is very simple to use, despite the high levels of inherent security - often a cause for added complexity – and comes highly recommended with our top award."

Editor’s Notes
A full copy of the Broadband Testing report can be found at and select the NetMotion Mobility XE report

Around the globe, more than 300,000 mobile workers use NetMotion's Mobility XE to mitigate some of the most common challenges in mobile deployments today, including application stability as users move in and out of wireless coverage areas, and seamless roaming between Wi-Fi and wide-area cellular networks. In addition, the company provides advanced security and network management that extend corporate security policies to mobile devices, while also allowing customers to utilize their existing mobile investments to drive convergence and deploy real-time applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video reliably. For more information visit

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