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Press Release – April 2009

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Your Snoring May Not Kill You But Your Partner Might!

Do you really want to take that risk? Wouldn’t you rather restore peace and harmony in the bedroom? Think of the fringe benefits!

Statistics tell us that 9 percent of couples never sleep in the same room together because of one of them snoring. Now that’s not good! But Stop Snoring Week (20th to 25th April) is just around the corner so perhaps helps is now at hand...

Snoring is a predominantly male problem but that means it’s also a problem for women even if fewer of them snore. It’s women mainly who are kept awake at night by men snoring. However help is at hand for both the snorer and the sleep deprived.

Hypnosis provides the answer for both. But there is no need to go and see a hypnotherapist now. World renowned practitioner Adam Eason himself will come to your computer! One of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Adam has produced a specially designed programme for clients to download as an MP3.

Using his Snore Stopper programme you benefit from Adam’s renowned hypnotic skills as he trains your subconscious, so that lying in bed you breathe exactly as you do when you’re walking about. That means you breathe quietly without snoring. After all who snores when they’re up and about and during the day?!

The programme can help the non-snoring partner by teaching her subconscious mind to relax and de-stress even before her partner’s snoring ceases.

Think of the benefits;

• You sleep far better because you breathe properly
• Your partner sleeps properly because you don’t snore
• You are both more alive and better tempered during the day as a result
• You can share a bed with your partner again with obvious advantages
• Your risk of a heart attack or stroke are greatly reduced. (Statistically, snorers are up to 34% more likely to suffer a heart attack and 67% more likely to suffer a stroke compared to those who don’t snore.)

Live longer and enjoy life more when you don’t snore so what are you waiting for? Adam Eason says, “I’m always amazed at the number of people who seek my help to stop snoring and at how it ruins their quality of life. Well now I’ve made it much easier for them to get my help.”

One of Adam’s most recently delighted clients is Mrs. Joyce Barnes of Accrington who says,

”Adam’s programme saved my marriage. Bob’s snoring had just about driven me over the edge when we heard about Snore Stopper. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Her husband Bob agrees. “It’s a lot warmer in bed now I’m not on my own!”

Just go to Adam’s website at and download the Snore Stopper. You can have it as a CD from the same site if you’d prefer.


Editors Notes

About Adam Eason

Adam is a highly regarded and successful hypnotherapist since 1996. He is an author of international best selling hypnosis books and has been a student of all hypnotic principles since a young age. He has studied and worked all over the world with the leading authorities and hypnotic communications including Paul McKenna and Anthony Robbins.

For further information or to interview Adam, please contact Darren Northeast of Spiral MPR on 01202 676762 or email

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