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IP CCTV cameras are more secure

video images are streamed in real-time to a secure off-site storage facility using a special grade of fast broadband link

The days of business people getting up at three in the morning to go to their premises to find why their alarm has been set off seem finally to be coming to an end.

AdEPT Telecom has harnessed the power of fast broadband to develop the next generation of CCTV system known as IP CCTV. For the technical amongst us ‘IP’ stands for Internet Protocol.

It has never needed a thief with the Brain of Britain to realise that if you hit a camera with a hammer it will stop taking pictures, and if you steal the DVD or video out of the recorder then the history footage has also gone. With IP CCTV, video images are streamed in real-time to a secure off-site storage facility using a special grade of fast broadband link. So even if you hit the camera with a hammer, the pictures of you entering the building and walking up to the camera, are already kept safe and sound.

If you already have compatible cameras on site then there are no capital expenditure costs, you simply install the broadband link and pay a monthly rental. When an alarm goes off a message is automatically sent to your PC and mobile phone. You can use your PC or mobile phone to login and view the pictures, and reset the alarm if necessary; without having to get out of bed on a cold windy night.

It also looks as though most standard detective stories on the TV will have to be re-written. The bit where the junior member of the police team has to sit and watch hours of CCTV video footage to try and find the villain has gone. When the system is allied with a motion sensitive CCTV camera it simply places a marker on the digital footage every time motion is detected. At the press of a button you can rewind back to the last incident. It’s as easy as going back to the start of a track on a CD.

The UK has 4-5 million CCTV cameras and we are the most watched country on the planet, but the current generation of CCTV footage is not used anywhere near enough to prosecute successfully in court. IP CCTV can be used for a simple 2 or 3 camera installation at someone's house.

This new generation of business applications is at last proving that fast broadband isn’t just for watching iPlayer and YouTube.

For more information and prices visit ip cctv or ring 0800 019 7800

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