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Now IT Can Rank ‘Bandwidth Boars’ that Hog, Overuse, Overload Enterprise Network Resources

Nuremberg, Germany, April 21, 2009 -- Paessler AG, a worldwide leading provider of network monitoring software for use on Windows systems, today announced the availability of PRTG Network Monitor version 7.1, improving on the company’s legacy to provide IT and network administrators with comprehensive network monitoring tools that are easy to use, easy to buy, and easy to install and maintain.

The latest version of Paessler’s PRTG includes input and suggestions from nearly 300 beta testers in enterprise and Internet Service Provider (ISP) environments. New features include Toplists for identifying bandwidth bottlenecks using Packet Sniffer and Cisco NetFlow Sensors; Automatic Probe Management to simplify remote probe monitoring; and many more capabilities for automating network monitoring tasks and improving visibility into network performance.

IT and network administrators are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Many organizations are cutting back on resources to operate networks, making network monitoring at optimal levels even more critical. PRTG helps organizations monitor network resources and detect systems failures or performance problems immediately, minimizing downtime and its economic impact. It provides systems administrators with live readings and long-term network device usage trends.

Paessler AG CEO Dirk Paessler says, “Automating network monitoring and other management tasks like reporting can free IT up to focus on other tasks and help them diagnose and mitigate problems more quickly. PRTG automatically assesses network performance and ranks specific applications that overload resources so that actions can be taken to maximize resource efficiencies.”

“PRTG’s sensors now work overtime so IT systems or network administrators don’t have to,” Paessler concludes.

PRTG is one of the most widely used network bandwidth and availability monitoring applications on the market today with over 150,000 users worldwide.

Taking The Byte Out of Bandwidth Boars, Efficiently

New Toplists feature for Packet Sniffer and NetFlow Sensors can also break down the traffic by IP address, port, protocol, and other parameters. PRTG 7.1 is able to tell an IT or network administrator which IP address, connection or protocol uses the most bandwidth.

PRTG looks at all network packets or streams and collects the bandwidth information for all IPs, ports and protocols..

Improved Reporting Features and Advanced Notification

If an event occurs such as network services going off line PRTG can now send SNMP Traps to a computer where a Trap Receiver is listening. Trap receivers store these messages for later analysis or forward traps to the administrators using other means of alerting.

Paessler says, ”While the newest version of PRTG makes life easier for the enterprise IT or network administrator, improved reporting of network usage and performance in PRTG 7.1 is appreciated by ISPs, who value percentile-calculation reporting.”

Other key PRTG 7.1 features include:

Automatic remote probe updating for monitoring network usage across multiple sites: When new versions of PRTG are installed on the core server, all remote probes will automatically download and install the updated version of the probe as soon as they reconnect to the updated core. One beta tester, with 60 remote probes, was able to automatically update all probes in less than 12 minutes, a task that manually would have taken as long as three hours.

Monitoring email travel speeds: A new sensor capability tracks email across the network to monitor how quickly the email travels from sender to receiver.

New engine for WMI monitoring: Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technology provides detailed information about devices and programs operated with Microsoft Windows operating systems. This includes read-outs of working memory and information about CPU usage and temperature. PRTG’s special WMI sensors access this information and enable monitoring of critical components and parameters. The WMI engine has been updated to provide more robust performance for installations with hundreds and more WMI sensors.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for PRTG Network Monitor 7.1 for new users starts at $250 USD for 100 sensors.

Paessler continues, “We calculated that more than 300 improvements and new features are available with PRTG Network Monitor 7.1, making it the most comprehensive and affordable network monitoring and optimization solution in the marketplace. In this tough economy, our goal is to provide more value and not increase our price from the previous version. It’s all about, helping IT and network administrators do more with less resources.”

Customers who have a valid maintenance license for either IPCheck Server Monitor or PRTG Traffic Grapher can upgrade to an adequate license of PRTG Network Monitor for free.

Paessler Network Monitoring solutions can be purchased through the Paessler online store at . Freeware and Free Trial versions of all products are also available at

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