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Reflosocks 2 Press Release

Creaking joints?Put your socks on!

We all like to be independent, but aches and pains can slow us down and limit mobility – particularly in the winter months. The ancient healing power of reflexology can offer relief but may be impractical or too expensive for many.

Reflosocks offer reflexology-based relief from skeleton muscular pains and have already proven to be an effective method of natural pain relief - however:

In a recent survey of Reflosock wearers, 63% found that they also had relief from painful joints, as well as increased mobility .

Reflosocks are a simple cotton sock like any other, but on the sole they include patented ridges that stimulate specific reflexology zones on your feet as you walk or stand. They have been designed by a practicing reflexologist and can help with pains caused by:

 Osteoarthritis
 Cartilage problems
 Joint problems
 Stress
 Posture
 Computer related repetitive strain injuries
 Old injuries / operations

Asa Bengtsson is 33 and a Team Manager. She has suffered knee problems since she was a teenager, and recently developed shoulder pains from working at her computer. Asa began using Reflosocks on a regular basis and noticed improvements very quickly. She says, “By using Reflosocks regularly I have managed to virtually eradicate my knee pains altogether. I still have some achy days with my shoulder, but much less so now, than before using Reflosocks. I’d recommend these to anyone as they have really helped me.”

Gilly Leonard-Ross is 54 and works in accounts. Although an active woman, Gilly has had multiple fractures and operations in her back, wrist, shoulder, leg and knee - the result of which has meant painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. She had trouble walking any distance and often had to stop and rest.

Gilly is jubilant about the changes Reflosocks have brought to her life. She says,”I cannot give enough praise for the socks, they really have given me heaps of relief and the increased distance I can now walk is quite amazing. Wear Reflosocks and smile!”

Louise from Salisbury age 25 says “I used to seize up quite quickly when sitting down (which is often as I work at a computer).The socks helped my joints to stay relaxed.”

Laura Crompton age 46 suffers from osteoarthritis, causing severe wrist and toe pain.
She says “I have general feeling of wellbeing – I am more ‘chirpy’ though having less pain and not having to take so much medication.”

Reflosocks are available in two different patterns - one to treat back and neck pain, and the other for knee, hip and shoulder problems. They are £16 a pair or £28 for two. If you have pains or stiffness in any of these areas, quite simply Reflosocks are the best investment you could make for your health. They offer a genuine, tested treatment and tangible results.

Buy Reflosocks online from

Note to editors:

To arrange interviews, samples, or interviews with the inventor of Reflosocks – Samantha Fisher – email or call 02380 675814

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