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We know a Mediterranean diet is good for us but how many of us are aware that the Mediterranean way of life may provide some of the answers to better long term health and vitality too?

At the major seasonal shift from Spring to Summer, people in Mediterranean countries are much more aware of how the Earth’s changing position affects them and they respond accordingly in 3 ways:

1. They reduce the amount of food they consume in order to give the digestive system a rest and allow energy to be diverted to cleansing rather than digesting.
2. They introduce extra greens to provide the important additional nutrients needed to help quell the accumulated winter toxins being thrown from the cells
3. And - importantly - they reach for their traditional herbal recipe to ensure this natural, seasonal detoxification proceeds efficiently.

Having experienced this effect first hand, Simply Vital could see the massive benefits of using these traditional methods and have been working closely with an esteemed Naturopathic Physician in Italy to bring a unique liver support recipe (called vitalDETOX) to the UK.

Based on the herboristic tradition of the Mediterranean, vitalDETOX supports liver function and the natural detoxification process that takes place thanks to the co-ordinated action of its plant extracts. These plant extracts are dissolved in an organic solution of Agave syrup (the juice extracted from the Mexican cactus Agave salmiana) which is rich in the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

So to benefit from the Mediterranean way of life, just do as they do…… By taking 5 ml of vitalDETOX in a glass of water 10 minutes before a meal twice daily you will be helping to support your liver during the transition into summer.

Why is liver health so important?
The liver is the largest organ in the body and has many varied functions; fats are converted into energy here or prepared for storage, proteins and other nutrients are transformed into usable forms and bile is produced to be stored in the gallbladder, ready to break down fat globules during the digestive process. Any excesses such as too much fatty or rich food, refined sugar or too much alcohol and other toxins, will be felt by your liver. When the liver struggles to cope, you may experience poor digestion, low energy (low appetite and/or sexual potency), tiredness and perhaps headaches and/or eye problems.

The liver is known also as the storehouse for anger, particularly repressed anger, which acts like a toxin in the body. Unacknowledged or unexpressed anger leads to depression and a sluggish liver. The health of the liver therefore reflects how much you embrace life, or how self-destructive you are. A healthy liver encourages enthusiasm, creativity, inner strength and resilience.
vitalDETOX is £8.50 for a 50 ml bottle from and selected retailers.

Further information is available at or by calling 0870 6091180
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