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The World Health Organisation recommends that a baby is exclusively breastfed for a minimum of thirteen weeks – but unrealistic expectations, misinformation and worry all contribute to the UK having one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in Europe. Only 45% of babies are exclusively breastfed in their first week, a figure falling sharply to 21% by week six and diving to 7% by month four.* In response to these figures, award-winning Natal Hypnotherapy™ has built on its past successes by extending its self-hypnosis CD range to include the Breastfeeding Companion CD.

The CD is specially designed to guide and support new mums through the process of breastfeeding and help them overcome any difficulties they may face. Through deep relaxation, guided visualisation and practical advice, the Breastfeeding Companion CD increases a mum’s confidence and ability to breastfeed successfully, helping her to trust in her ability to produce the right amount of milk, let go of any concerns and maximise her bonding with her baby.

"My feet have not touched the ground since she was born 16 weeks ago and I’m sure my sanity is down to the CD. It helped me with relaxation, breastfeeding and being able to juggle a newborn, two small children, running a house and being a wife with minimal help. Thank you for producing a product that had such a powerful effect." J. Sproule

“I was really quite anxious about breastfeeding and got the CD as a result. I found it helped me relax which helped milk flow. Also it helped me focus on something other than how my son was feeding I'm still breastfeeding and intend to continue until 6 months” Beth Hart

"I loved everything about this CD - the message is PERFECT"
Veronika Robinson, editor of The Mother Magazine

10 top tips for successful breastfeeding

Natal Hypnotherapy™ believes that breastfeeding doesn’t have to be the stressful experience so many women imagine. Here are ten top tips to encourage and help new mums breastfeed successfully, from Maggie Howell, founder of Natal Hypnotherapy™, birthing expert and breastfeeder of 4 children!

1. Pick up on and respond to your baby’s cues to feed. Ignore the clock!

2. Accept that your baby’s need to breastfeed may not always be connected to being hungry - it may be for comfort, because they are tired or they simply want to have a snuggle.

3. Feed regularly during the night. Successful feeding is based on a healthy supply and demand cycle. If your baby does not feed for many hours your body does not get all the signals it needs to get ready for the next feed and so production decreases.

4. DO NOT expect your baby to be guzzling milk in the first few days. Babies do not need anything other than a tiny amount of colostrum (first milk) so do not need “topping” up.

5. Give yourself time to get to know your baby and to trust your baby’s needs.

6. Babies have growth spurts - sometimes they need more feeding than other times - that is OK and normal.

7. Trust! Trust your baby - no baby was ever born with a pre-planned desire to upset or annoy. They simply feel what they feel and alert you in the only way they know how. Trust your body - milk production has nothing to do with the size of your breasts but is all to do with the cycle of suckling and milk production. If your baby suckles often and frequently, you will make the right amount of milk.

8. Look after yourself - drink loads of water and eat really well. It is one of the few times in your life that you can eat loads (of the right stuff!) and know that it is all good for your baby.

9. Enjoy this time - it is for such a short time. Even if you are tired and worn out, think of every feed as a blessing and one to be cherished and enjoyed.

10. Get help and support. Accept any offers from others to help with the daily cooking and chores! If you are having any difficulties or simply want to talk, contact your local breastfeeding advisors from La Leche League or the NCT

The Breastfeeding Companion CD costs £16, and is available to buy online at

* Figures are taken from the Office for National Statistics’ Infant Feeding Survey 2005.


For further information or case studies please contact Maggie Howell at email: Tel: 01428 712615 Fax: 01428 712 629

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