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Bottled water 500 times more expensive than supplying water to Africa

Average cost of 1 litre of bottled water in UK: £3.40
Cost of supplying 1 Litre of water in Africa: 0.3pence

Bottled water 500 times more expensive than supplying water to Africa

At any one time the average UK consumer has access to 55 brands of still, bottled water. Award-winning charity Excellent Development, that facilitates the supply of clean water to African communities with sand dams, researched the prices of these waters to reveal that prices range from £59 to 7pence per litre and that the average cost of bottled water in the UK in is £3.40 per litre.

For their study Excellent Development focused on still, bottled waters that can be bought at national supermarkets or from UK based websites. To this effect Excellent Development found that there are 55 different brands of water sourced from England and 13 other countries; Scotland, Norway, Germany, Iceland, America, Italy, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Denmark and Fiji.

The most expensive bottled water is Bling H20, from the Great Smokey Mountains, America, which is sold at a staggering £59 per litre and is favoured by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson. The cheapest bottled waters are the supermarket own brand ranges, which at 13p per bottle, work out at 7 pence per litre. Overall, the average cost of bottled water in the UK is £3.40 per litre.

Excellent Development co-founder Simon Maddrell comments, “We wanted to explore the contrast between the sheer choice of waters we have in the UK, to the limited access to water experienced by the communities we work with in Africa. At any one time a UK resident can choose from 55 bottled waters, all of them with different tastes, branding and market appeal. Water is the ultimate necessity, of the communities we talk to in rural Kenya, water is always their number one priority. It is not uncommon for women to spend 6 hours a day or more simply collecting water; which prevents them from getting on with other things. Fortunately community-built sand dams can create a nearby source of clean water at rock bottom prices. It works out at just 0.3pence per litre! And since sand dams are refilled for free every time it rains, that is money very well spent!”

Brand, Cost per litre (£), Source

Bling H2O, 59.93, Great Smokey Mountains, USA
Love H2O, 35.64, Wenlock Springs, Shropshire
White Hole Springs, 16.73, Mendip Hills, Somerset
Extreme H20, 9.43, Buxton, England
Berg, 5.42, Icebergs from Newfoundland, Canada
Pear Tree Well, 4.99, East Sussex, England
Elsenham Water, 4.67, Elsenham, Hertfordshire, England
420, 4.06, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
Badoit Still, 3.93, Badoit, France
Wattwiller, 3.49, Wattwiller, Germany
Iskilde, 3.49, Denmark
Antipodes, 3.33, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Blue Keld, 2.16, Yorkshire, England
Voss, 2.13, Norway
Malmberg, 1.99, Yngsjö, Sweden
Sole Arte, 1.99, Nuvolento, Italy
Ty Nant, 1.81, Wales
Fiji, 1.50, Fiji
Tau, 1.26, Wales
Aqua Panna, 1.20, Scarperia, Italy
Harrogate Spa, 0.98, Harrogate, England
Vittel, 0.97, Vittel, France
Hildon, 0.94, Broughton, Hampshire, England
Sangemini, 0.93, Sangemini, Italy
Evian, 0.86, Evian, France
Brecon Carreg, 0.84, Brecon Beacons, Wales
Highland Spring, 0.77, Ochil Hills, Scotland
Belu, 0.76, Shropshire, England
Volvic, 0.76, Volvic, France
Waitrose Mineral Water, 0.70, Lennoxtown, Scotland
Isklar Still Mineral Water, 0.68, Hardanger, Iceland
Panna Still Mineral Water, 0.63, Tuscany, Italy
Thirsty Planet Charity Water, 0.63, Harrogate, England
Morrisons still spring water, 0.56, N/A
Levissima, 0.53, Levissima, Italy
Spa, 0.53, France
Deveron Spring, 0.51, Scottish Highlands, Scotland
Devon Hills Spring Water, 0.50, Chulmleigh, England
Sainsburys Caledonian Mineral Water, 0.47, Lennoxtown, Scotland
Morrisons value water, 0.39, N/A
Nestle Pure Life Water , 0.37, Hope, British Columbia, USA
Deeside Spring Water, 0.36, Deeside, Scotland
Cotswold Spring Water, 0.35, Dodington, England
Drench, 0.35, Yorkshire, England
Buxton, 0.35, Buxton, England
Strathmore Spring Water, 0.25, Vale of Strathmore, Scotland
Aqua Pura, 0.22, Cumbria & Shropshire, England
Asda Eden Falls, 0.18, Armathwaite, Cumbria, England
Tesco Scottish Mountain Spring Water, 0.17, Perthshire, Scotland
Tesco Mountain Spring Still, 0.17, Ashbeck Mountain, Scotland
Icelandic Glacial, 1.08, Iceland
Clearview Still Spring Water, 0.12, N/A
Tesco Value Still Water, 0.07, N/A
Asda Smartprice Still Water, 0.07, N/A
Sainsburys Still Table Water, 0.07 N/A

There are 157 varieties of bottled water sourced and sold in the UK. In addition there are a variety of foreign brands, such as Vittel from France and Fiji water from Fiji that are also available in the UK. Not all water brands are available nationwide and other sources are bottled solely for water coolers. For this research Excellent Development focused on still, bottled waters that are can be bought at a national supermarket or from UK based websites.
Bottled water prices were obtained from retailers, in cases where a number of prices were offered an average taken.
This research was carried out in March 2009.


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