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~ an inspirational guide for changing behaviours, releasing weight and living a better life, by Joanne Reid Rodrigues ~

"Losing weight and keeping it off is about more than eating the right food. You have to get your head in the right place and Joanne is a master of that!"
Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, and author of ‘The Optimum Nutrition Bible’

May 2009/London - Are you fed up with dieting and long for a weight loss plan that puts you at the heart of its success? Would you like to learn how to control the 'diet demon chit-chat' that holds you back from succeeding at healthy weight management? Would you like to reshape your body and your mind and learn how to enjoy a larger life? Do you desire to make peace with your body and find the real you?

Scottish-born Joanne Reid Rodrigues, personal & spiritual development trainer and author of The Life Transformation Diet - an inspirational guide for changing behaviours, releasing weight and living a better life (Findhorn Press, £9.99 September 2009) outlines the philosophy and strategies that helped her release 63lbs (29kgs) after spending 12 years as a self-confessed junk food addict, obese, depressed and frequently unwell and not in control of her life. Joanne's success started when she learnt how to shift her thinking and how to nourish her spirit. Her book is a part-memoire inspirational guide for releasing weight, maintaining a healthy body and living a better life. It is packed with inspirational guidance, healthy weight reducing and maintenance menu plans coupled with compelling insights designed to encourage and support the reader through their life transformation diet.

The Life Transformation Diet is a spiritual personal development weight management programme that combines delicious easy-to-prepare satisfying calorie-controlled, low-fat, low-gi, low-carb meals with daily 'make it fun and make sure you do it!' exercise advice. It addresses issues of confidence, self esteem, self worth and self-trust, empowering the reader to take control of their eating habits and lifestyle choices to release excess weight, reduce clothes size, increase energy, confidence, trust and self-esteem. "Create a better body, create a better life," comments Joanne. Joanne breathes new life into the well trodden subject of weight loss!

The weight loss program kicks offs with a recommended 7 Day 100% Natural Energy Eating Plan to kick-start a healthy detox and energy-boost to set you on the right track. Thereafter, daily calorie guidelines start from 1,250 for women with fewer than 70lbs to lose - 1,500 for men. "Many folks get obsessed with the weighing scales, weighing themselves a number of times each day. I encourage people to free themselves from this habit and tune into their body, noticing the satisfaction of inch-loss - after just four weeks on my program, most people have reduced a size in clothing," comments Joanne. "In addition to improving your appearance, my program is designed to help you experience greater energy and vitality - it's suitable for men and women of all ages and from all walks of life! It works and results start when you do."

The 10 Attitudinal Keys to Success!

1. Follow the plan and you will reach your destination - a beautiful car in the driveway won't take you far unless you drive it.

2. Set the specific long-term weight loss goal and interim goals to focus on releasing 7lbs at a time - keep a daily journal for food, exercise and mental attitude.

3. Take IMMEDIATE action - the primary reason people remain overweight is that they delay taking action. Kick procrastination, FAST!

4. Avoid making excuses - an excuse of any kind is a poor substitute for the success you crave!

5. Avoid a blame culture - the decisions you make and take are YOURS. Be responsible!

6. Avoid comparing yourself to others - practice self-love, extreme self care and locate your inner commitment which starts between your ears.

7. Measure your incremental success in inch loss, not just weight loss and don’t be a slave to the weighing scales.

8. We get what we focus on - focus on making better choices to support your goals.

9. Choice is about giving something up for something you want more!

10. Be patient - if you consistently make better nutritional and exercise choices, you will release the weight.


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The Life Transformation Diet - ISBN 978 1 84409 167 6, price £9.99 - paperback

Notes to Editors:

1. Joanne Reid Rodrigues is founder and principal of the international personal development and holistic weight management programme,, established in 1986. She is an international speaker (key notes/conferences/seminars) and is currently resident in the Channel Islands. She has lectured to tens of thousands of people in California and in the UK and reached over a million more as a regular columnist for the magazine section of a national newspaper (The Sunday Post) during her five year column.

2. She has contributed to Chicken Soup for The Soul by Jack Cranfield and has worked with Michael Beckwith (one of the teachers on The Secret) and has taught at the Agape International Spiritual Centre in LA. She is also creator and presenter of Living in Authentic Confidence & Joy 6-week workshop course.

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