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The media and much of the public are obsessed with finding Gordon Brown’s successor. The British Prime Minister appears to be getting more unpopular by the day has a host of wannabes lined-up according to the press.

This weekend three names were brought to the fore, but none have confirmed their intentions – except Harriet Harman who categorically stated she didn’t want to be the leader (although she should have been advised it’s best to ‘never say never’ – though the chaps have undoubtedly been reminded that he who wields the knife never becomes chief.

I have no birth times for the Labour MP’s put in the frame by the media, but their solar charts should give us some information as to whether they are fit for Prime Ministerial purpose – if anyone has a time then I would be delighted to receive it.

Please note, I am not forecasting if they will become PM, only if they have leadership qualities.

ALAN JOHNSON MP Minister for Health.

A fiery trine joining Venus/Pluto/Chiron gives him great credentials to be PM. His chart has a profound honesty about it; the qualities of Venus and Pluto give him a hypnotic charm. Alan might not be drop-dead gorgeous to look at (his 1960’s hair-do is almost as old as the Queen’s also Sun in Taurus) but I bet if you met him he’d leave you with a memorable aura that would make you feel very, very special. Chiron, the great healer, gives the fundamental feeling that whatever AJ touches he can sort out, taking the irreparable and transforming it. The NHS is no doubt safe in his hands. With Venus in Aries (England’s sign) there is a love affair between the two planets; throw in mesmeric Pluto into the cosmic mix so he can heal England’s wounds. A kind of St George, slaying the nation’s dragons. Jupiter exalted in Pisces moral and ethical and a very ticklish funny-bone: a likely New Moon in Taurus (dependent on time) connects along with Mercury with the Union chart, so suddenly his strength becomes not just English but British. The Sun’s trines to Mars in Virgo give him great strength and creativity for the good of all. No real heavy aspects apart from a wide Mercury/Pluto which can make him linger for too long over minutiae and miss the bigger picture (though Jupiter in Pisces will rescue him from that) gives him great popularity and he talks sense. I like this man he’d certainly have a chance to command my vote.

HARRIET HARMAN – Leader of the House

Like Alan Johnson Hattie Harman has Jupiter in Pisces which reveals a great sense of humour and undoubtedly a strong faith and belief network and high scruples; she is totally committed to women’s’ rights. I have always likened HH to Margaret Thatcher but with more of a fun side. I really believe she has, you can sometimes catch her chuckling at PMQ’s. Although there is no birth time she does have Moon in Aquarius, this gives her a cool detachment when many people believe she has a cold, distant side, often controversial and ever-mindful of equality for women. It is true, I have Moon Aq and Jupiter Pisces and there is a tendency to be icy (this is Saturn’s traditional sign after all) but it means being able to keep control under fire. Although she has discounted herself as a wannabe PM, with Moon/Pluto conjunction in Leo this is surely her very aristocratic family tree and can make her, at times, too introspective – although her sun-sign in Leo no doubt helps her live-up to her noble heritage, I am sorry she has expelled herself from the PM race as she has great possibilities. The possibility of Harriet being a Full Moon child means her life comes in fated chapters when she cannot control the endings in her life, they just seem to happen, and then another chapter begins.. Venus conj Uranus in Cancer this corresponds once again to someone who has strong, radical views. I really like her ability to respond to humanitarian matters in a compassionate although eccentric way that can upset traditionalists, but her instincts tells her that she must fight for certain rights and nothing will stop her from doing so – the Moon/Pluto can make her obsessed with her goals.. She is a very unusual woman and with Neptune/Mars conjunct in Libra she must check all her facts to avoid being seen as foolish. I do find it strange that this power-struck chart doesn’t want to be PM, I think she does, but perhaps not at this time. She is a wait-and-see gal as rejection isn’t on her astro-agenda.

JACK STRAW – Minister of Justice

Jack Straw has all the astro-attributes of power: Saturn/Mercury/Sun/Pluto conjunct in Leo, Mars/Venus conjunct Virgo and a stellium in Libra: Neptune, Moon, Jupiter all joined together. Aha! I was quoted in the press only last week that I believe the sign of Libra should be very strong in the next PM of the United Kingdom. David Cameron has got it, has Jack Straw? Possibly. The problem with his chart is that it is all grouped together covering just four signs starting from Cancer and ending at Libra every major planet is in Cancer, Leo, Virgo or Libra. This says he might find it hard to identify with certain areas outside his interest or mind. He might find it difficult to be as open-minded as say HH or AJ. He is more fixed in his opinions unlikely to change or alter although he can compromise that doesn’t mean he can change easily – leopards, spots spring to mind. The two love/sex planets conjunct in Virgo can give him an interest in sexual affairs in a Parliamentary sense no wonder he spearheaded the sexual orientations bill. This reveals a fair man, someone who is driven by a sense of justice for all no matter what or who. He can leave some people or groups exasperated because they can often bang their head against the brick wall he puts up. The south node of the Moon is separated from the rest of the solar chart, and, of course, we don’t have his time but to me JS has the fundamental qualities needed to PM but will need to have good men and women around him to cover those areas of life and living that he doesn’t necessarily ‘get’.

DAVID MILLIBAND – Foreign Secretary

In the summer of last year the British media speculated that Gordon Brown was finished and word on the street was that David Miliband was out to oust and succeed him. A gang of Labour back-bench MPs began to speak out against the PM and we all thought the time was nigh for a coup. However, the old adage that the assassin ends up as dead as a dodo deterred someone of the intuition and intelligence of DM from making a move. With a watery Grand Trine bringing together the powers of the Sun/Neptune/Saturn in a positive pyramid this man has abilities that are undetectable to the human eye! He has psychic powers, although he’d probably not call them that, but he will know when it is right to do something and when not to. With Moon in Aquarius like Harriet Harman, his intuition is further pronounced with a distinct ability to know the future and envision it. The Mercury/Venus conjunction gives him innate charm, for some matinee idol looks and the potential air sign Grand Trine with Mars/Jupiter/Moon the cosmic route to an exceptional mind which will make him rationalise everything. This is sure to make Miliband militate against his other very emotional watery Grand Trine. This is worrying as his spiritual side is pronounced with the watery trines and as astrology is about potential it would appear he hasn’t developed this side as much as he should. However he also has a capacity to be seen as seemingly looking down on people, and in what some would describe as a public schoolboy snottiness. If he doesn’t agree what is being asked of him he sneers which can be most unbecoming this comes from his Ascendant which we do not know without his time of birth. Once the imagemakers have knocked that haughtiness out of him, then DM is a candidate for greatness with his superintelligence and superpowers.

If I was asked on purely astrological grounds who should be leading the Labour party it would be

1) Alan Johnson
2) David Miliband
3) Harriet Harman
4) Jack Straw

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