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June 2009/London- Emma Wimhurst, 42, self-made millionaire entrepreneur, broadcaster, speaker and writer, has three children under the age of ten and refers to herself as 'an ordinary woman who achieved extraordinary results!' What she did was create financial freedom for herself with the hot success of an entrepreneurial venture which rocked her to a lifestyle that more than matched her needs! A venture that began literally with her firstborn on her hip. She applied her passion and knowledge for business with scorching zeal, applied personal development skills and life/work balance structures to ensure the business niche she identified in 2000 would exceed her expectations and that she could have it all - on her terms and enjoy a rewarding family life and an inspirational professional life.

What are the Secrets of Success? "We all measure success differently," comments Emma, who is a success mentor. "For some it is about achieving financial freedom whilst for others it's freedom in how they work. What I believe sets successful people apart is that they are totally clear on what it is they want to achieve. It sounds simple, but if we don't know what we are trying to achieve then we won't know when we get there."


WEED THE PATH: get very clear on what you want to achieve. Clear the path of weeds including energy sapping people, projects, situations that are keeping you away from focusing on your goals.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT: adopt a lighthouse approach and send your light of imagination and intent out there and visualise in all manner of detail what you want to achieve, including what it will feel like to have achieved your goal. Apply all your senses. We tend to get what we think about and what we think about expands.

THINK RIGHT: building a sound business from the outset requires key business skills. If you don't know these, find out what they are. Read entrepreneurial press and attend workshops. Make it a priority to learn what the building blocks for business actually are, and don't leave anything to chance. Emma's Seven Business Disciplines ( worked for her.

SUPPORT & DELEGATE: Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Bring in expert services where you need them ie: having trouble focusing on the next steps and time management skills? Hire a personal/business mentor. What can you delegate or even delete from your to-do list? In asking for help, offer something you find easy/effortless to do in return. Barter time.

PRIORITISE! Stop trying to do it all! If you're juggling demands of a family, dump the guilt and tightly prioritise every day what must be achieved that day. Use your time wisely. Apply as many time-saving strategies as you can to daily life. Be elegant in your approach to your life.

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: Do the core planning right at the beginning of goal-setting. We often forget some of the detail that made a great idea exciting in the first place. Record planning on the computer or if you prefer, an attractive journal. This is the same for planning your first book or market garden as it is a physical business venture.

MONEY SAVVY: Don't spend what you don't have. Be realistic with money. Treat it with respect. Deal with debt. Create budgets. Learn about cash flow. Apply a little philanthropy. What goes around comes around. Learn how spending less can be living better.

LIVE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT: We rarely get a second chance at the big stuff that makes a life full, exciting and inspiring for us and our children! If you have an aching passion to build a business, write a book, run a cookery course or build a mail order candle business, incorporate the passion you feel for this into your daily life and inch towards achieving, every day. Small steps, yet part of the bigger picture.

SORT THE SMALL STUFF FAST: Admin has to be done. Set aside 2 hours a week in non working hours time. Create smart files, pay bills on time, cancel old agreements and keep on top of all paperwork. Move it, file it or bin it.

FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS: This especially applies if you have a family. Don't do anything where guilt or heaven forbid, resentment can creep in. Bring your whole self to the family time and then you can bring your whole self to project/business time. Create clear boundaries from the outset. Have a burnout avoidance strategy. Build in as much fun and kick-back time as you can! Schedule holidays and long weekends. Experience your life. Not many people get to the end of their days wishing they'd worked harder.

"It is really possible to have it all and have a ball," comments Emma. "It doesn't mean you will be chasing your tail either! Just find your passion and purpose, be strategic in all that you do, from homework supervision to growing a business, keep cheerful with the hardwork. Know exactly why you are doing anything. Learn to say no so that you don't leach time. Say yes to yourself more often. Help others to help themselves. Life does not have to be perfect - it needs to be enjoyable and create a positive experience. Treat yourself with absolute kindness. Pay attention to stress. Deal with what crops up in life. Coach yourself to success. Be a willing participant in your whole life"

Emma Wimhurst: 'Mentoring People to Success', Millionaire Mumpreneur. 01202 830653,


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Notes to Editors:

Emma Wimhurst mentors high profile people in business, fellow entrepreneurs, start-ups and owner/managers. She is a millionaire mumpreneur having achieved outstanding business success with Diva Cosmetics: the company she founded in 2000 which claimed a niche market as the majority supplier of in-house cosmetics for high street chains. She is an international motivational speaker, is married to Mark, lives in Dorset and has three children under 10 years. She is founder of and co founder/broadcaster on

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