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What to do if it isn’t just your holiday Romeo’s laugh that is infectious
Whether it is riding a moped in flip flops and shorts or drinking vodka for breakfast, there is something about being abroad that makes us hang up our hang up’s and go for it! This is especially true when it comes to a holiday romance. The normal reservations about who we fancy seem to disappear at the departure gate and all too often the people we ordinarily wouldn’t look twice at becomes part of the holiday experience.

Does this sound familiar? Well before the memory of a night of sangria-fuelled passion is put in the file marked ‘experience’, it is worth remembering that an estimated 10% of the British population under 25 carries a sexually transmitted infection (STI) so if you have unprotected sex, there is every chance that you will wake up with a medical condition rather more serious than just a crashing hangover. And here’s the worst bit - you often don’t know if you have been unlucky as many STI’s don’t have any symptoms!
No-one is thrilled by a trip to the doctor and returning to work after your summer holidays means that time off can be difficult. Fortunately the advent of online services such as means that you can be tested and treated remotely, at your convenience.
Online clinics work on the basis of ‘Request, Receive, Respond, Relax.’ Visitors to the site can be tested for between one and seven specific infections, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Herpes. They register to receive a test kit, based on giving a urine sample, which you complete and post back to the clinic. The results are given out in a couple of working days.

If someone does have an infection, clinics will automatically get in touch to confirm the results, request that you complete a simple online medical questionnaire resulting in the delivery of the correct medication by return. Consequently you can register, get tested and treated in less than a week.

So if you find that you bring home more than a bottle of duty free this summer do the bright thing and get tested...before the suntan fades.
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For further information, please visit or contact Heidi Anderson on 020 7934 9034 (

Editors Note:
Chlamydia: The most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, which can often present no obvious symptoms. Chlamydia affects both men and women and can cause serious problems if left untreated. The good news is that treatments are available and are highly effective in eradicating the infection. Chlamydia will show up in a test 14 days after infection.
Gonorrhea: The second most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the UK. This can affect both men and women. Not everyone will get symptoms but those who do will often get a discharge from the urethra and find it painful to pass urine. Gonorrhea is generally treated using cephalosporin antibiotics. Gonorrhea will show up after 7 days.
Herpes: Genital herpes can be controlled but once contracted; most people will experience outbreaks throughout their lives. Herpes can be controlled with an antiviral medication. Normally outbreaks of herpes are characterized by small blisters around the affected area. (PCR tests that The STI Clinic offer for Herpes only show a positive result if the virus is active. So if someone does suspect that they might have herpes but do not currently have symptoms, it would be better to have a blood test at a walk-in clinic to check for antibodies.)
The STI Clinic Services: The STI Clinic does not deal with anyone under 18 as a matter of policy, if you have any questions regarding the services of The STI Clinic, please do not hesitate to call the Helpline 020 7419 8762

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