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Experts to debate next era of ‘interconnectivity’ at the Inaugural future of Connectivity Event, RSA, London, 25th June

London, UK – 16 June 09 – Leading technology thinkers will be gathered at the inaugural future of Connectivity event at RSA, London, 25th June to share their visions for the new era of interconnectivity. Experts describe a world of swarming self-navigating automobiles, real-time monitoring of pollution afflicting the planet and the dawn of commercial quantum computers able to predict financial markets.

“The interconnectedness of the world, scarcely imaginable a generation ago, continues to fire the imagination with seemingly limitless potential as newer, smarter connectivity inspires and reshapes our lives,” said Felix Bopp, chairman Club of Amsterdam, the organiser for the event. “the future of Connectivity” is a unique gathering of three of the world’s foremost technology thinkers, Egbert-Jan Sol, Peter Cochrane and Hardy Schloer. Principals credited with shaping the world of technology each will present their own predictions on where our connected world will be in the years to come – promising a fascinating vision.”

Proceedings will be opened by Egbert-Jan Sol, cto TNO Science and Industry and first chairman DSE who will examine the ‘acceleration of billions of people and the 1000 billion connected devices’.

“From mainframes to PCs and one mobile to every person on the planet we expect the growth of computing devices to reach a staggering 100 computing devices per human by 2020. 100 billion interconnected devices will be in circulation by 2020 and 1 trillion several years later. Moore's law for silicon will no longer apply – instead a learning curve based on the volume size of intelligent devices will hit one cubic millimetre by 2040, fitting a million devices in one litre,” said Egbert-Jan Sol. “We will live in a world where automobiles drive in swarms, platooning and changing lanes to vehicles that offer cooperative driving at all speeds. Cars will have so many on- board computers they will drive themselves into a hospital then interact with healthcare computers to run a medical on the driver – identifying any health issues before they could escalate.”

Professor Peter Cochrane, co-founder Cochrane Associates and credited CNET Industry Award for Contributions to UK Technology 2007 will present a session on ‘evolving connectivity’ and assess the past, now and what is likely to happen in the future.

Commented Peter Cochrane: “Looking back in history at the evolution of connectivity, the Internet has become the only network to grow at an exponential rate. Its power has given us access to more information than we are able to manage but social networks have refined that deluge of information creating a selective network that refocuses the relevance of information to the individual.”

“And now we are in a process of progressively connecting all machines and people in a global network denoted by Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc. This global network has the potential to monitor world pollution levels or infectious diseases that migrate across the globe – giving society a new breed of mapping with transparency and integrity like never before.”

Hardy Schloer, owner Schloer Consulting Group and inventor of quantum relation theory, a breakthrough concept in Artificial Intelligence closes the event with an exploration of ’human connectivity at the event horizon of new AI Technologies’.

Said Hardy Schloer: “In an era where the underlying intelligence of global connectivity will be managed by massive supercomputers, with complex competitive connections measured in milliseconds, the future of human connectivity is rapidly descending beyond the event horizon of new and powerful artificial intelligence technologies.”

“The advent of completely new computation technologies such as quantum computers will see commercial real-time intelligence applications being introduced that will for example generate so much transparency in financial markets, that its speculative base erodes. Traders armed with this level of power and foresight will not only signal the end of speculation as we understand it but it will bring the end to financial markets.”

"To ‘connect the dots’ of information in real time though the intelligent machine managed connectivity of this planet will build the vital base to a fully by computers managed world that transforms human decision processing into machine processing. Most humans will not like it, and they will fight it, but they will have to accept it ultimately, as competition between man and machine will make man the likely looser ultimately. Step-by-step, and in a brisk pace this transformation will take place over the next decade; unstoppable and with great effects on society."

Programme details

the future of Connectivity
The Club of Amsterdam visits the RSA in London

Thursday, 25th June 2009
Location: RSA, 8 John Adam Street London, WC2N 6EZ
Registration & reception: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15,
followed by drinks & networking till 22:00
Full details of the programme can be found at:
Free entrance – please register at

The event will be hosted by moderator, James Cridland, head of Future Media & technology, BBC Audio and Music. “The future of Connectivity” is sponsored by LogMeIn and RSA. LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity solutions to mobile operators, handset OEMs, small and medium businesses, IT service providers and consumers. The RSA is a charity which encourages the development of a principled, prosperous society and the release of human potential. Its approach is multi-disciplinary, politically independent and combines cutting edge research and policy development with practical action.

The Club of Amsterdam

The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international, future-oriented think tank involved in channelling preferred futures. It involves those who dare to think out of the box and those who don't just talk about the future but actively participate in shaping outcomes.

It organises events, seminars and summits on relevant issues and publishes findings & proceedings through various off-line and online media channels. Its goal is to become a global player and catalyst for innovation in industries, science and society.

The Club of Amsterdam is a not-for-profit foundation registered in The Netherlands.


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