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With IT central to today’s business strategies, three quarters of UK businesses admit they are blinded by the complexity of their IT management set up. While many businesses are not currently spending in simplifying their management tools, they recognise that the cost of IT failures as a result of complicated management set-ups is greater than this investment. However, research launched today by business transaction management company, OpTier, has revealed that many are still saddled with complex, ineffective management tools. In fact, 57 per cent of respondents admitted that this is resulting in costs of £4.64 million per company each year in downtime and staff time, on average.

The research, undertaken in May 2009, interviewed 2,000 UK IT decision makers at businesses of 1,000+ employees across a range of industries, including retail, government, finance, telecoms and manufacturing.

Organisations are struggling to manage IT due to the number of tools they need to use and tool overload is causing more problems than it is solving. More than two thirds of businesses are using more than three tools to monitor the IT environment, and 16 per cent are using more than five. Some other key findings were:

− 72 per cent of businesses are relying on using server/network uptime as a measure of business service visibility
− A third are reliant on a dashboard of multiple system metrics
− Over half (57 per cent) of the IT managers questioned admitted that the lack of a single management approach is adding an extra layer of complexity

“Businesses find themselves facing management tool overload, meaning that complex IT environments become even more costly and, ironically, more difficult to manage. It’s like trying to watch several TV programmes at once, totally confusing. This is hitting businesses hard - according to our research two thirds of businesses have to deploy three people and still take an average of two days to fix any one problem, as they have no simple way of pinpointing its origin,” said Motti Tal, founder and business development manager, OpTier. “The cost of this to businesses is becoming untenable. One respondent even admitted to needing a team of 14 people to resolve a single critical incident – costing the business half a million pounds in staff costs for that one problem alone.”

While two thirds of businesses admit facing an average of 10 significant or business critical IT issues per month, 60 per cent believed that all of these issues could have been avoided if they could see every transaction performed by all users on applications. Additionally 61 per cent stated that with clear visibility of every transaction performed by users across their applications they could resolve these issues in half the time or less.

“While belts are tightening in businesses at the moment, it is clear that investing in the right technology can often be the best course to save money in the long term, and it is good to see that three quarters of businesses agree. However, 68 per cent of companies are under pressure to demonstrate ROI within two years of a purchase so it is important that any investment is the right investment,” continued Motti. “Business must remember that complexity costs money and taking a simple, holistic view at the transaction management level can be the key to not only quick problem resolution, but, vitally, to problem avoidance and IT cost reduction. By making management easier, IT can demonstrate its value to the business rather than being seen solely as a cost centre.”


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