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19.06.2009 Geneva, Switzerland

Ethos-Lambile - Giving back the gift of sight

Close your eyes for just a minute and tell me what you empty void...blackness...darkness? Imagine now, what it would be like if that was all that you could ever see!

Sight is one of the most precious senses, yet, like so many other things, we all take it so much for granted. Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness; affecting millions of people globally, and especially those in third world countries where many don't have access to treatment, or the money for it if it is available.

Back in 2003 we were featured on The Richard & Judy TV Show ( in the UK, which really launched our Bright Eyes eye drops that dissolve cataracts naturally without the need for invasive cataract surgery, and on a global scale. Since then we have helped countless thousands of people and their pets to restore their vision naturally without surgery. We feel that it is high time we started putting something back.

As a leading doctor recently stated - our eye NAC drops should be the topic of every nightly newscast and front page headlines on every newspaper and magazine, but you and I both know that this will never happen as cataract eye surgery has become such a massive surgical "cash cow".

A fourteen year old boy with cataracts once wrote to me after his eye surgeon dismissed any possibility that our eye drops could possibly dissolve cataracts, saying - "I guess I can't really blame him, it would be like asking turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving".

Three years in the making, Ethos-Lambile is a brand new philanthropic network that combines the benefits of both giving and receiving. By giving to others, you not only receive something back yourself but a proportion of all gifts donated are converted into Lambile Aid Parcels of Bright Eyes Eye Drops and our Super Nutrition Food Supplements. These are then distributed in the field by our hand-picked support partners to ensure that they get directly into the hands of the people who need them the most.

As part of the Ethos Group, Ethos-Lambile is not a charity and, as part of a 'for-profit' organisation, it is self-funded and so it does not have to rely on donations to support itself as well as those who it has been created to help.

Close your eyes once again and really think hard...imagine the profound difference it will make to someone's life when they can see again because they received eye drops that you helped to donate... and not just them, but their family and friends, and everyone who knows them, and the relief that they too will feel. Ethos-Lambile gives us all the perfect opportunity to really make a profound difference now. Let's see what an amazing difference we can achieve - together!

So, before you carry on with your day, join Ethos-Lambile now and help both yourself and others to enjoy a much more rewarding and improved quality of life.

United together we will make a massive overall difference:


The Ethos Group
Rue du Rhone 14
1204 Geneva

Tel: +41 44 274 28 27
UK: 0800 328 269
USA: 800-431-2698

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