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Free STI Test For Health Journalists

There has been a lot of media coverage about the STI ‘epidemic’ in the UK, blaming everything from drunken promiscuity to ignorance to online dating. However a significant factor to the spread of STI’s is that people simply don’t know that they have one as few infections have obvious symptoms. Yet STI’s are easy to test for and treat.

The STI Clinic, an online service, is prepared to show a select number of journalists (or their readers) just how straightforward and swift this can be by giving them a full STI test.

Just because an STI isn’t obvious, it doesn’t mean that having one is problem-free. For example, Chlamydia is traditionally associated with loss of fertility in women, however it can have the same impact on men. Additionally Chlamydia, if left untreated in men, can lead to epididymitis, a condition which causes excruciating pain in one or both testicles.

To this end, getting tested after unprotected sex is a very wise precaution and there are numerous choices available (detailed below) which make getting tested and treated very easy and fast.

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Editors Note:

The STI Clinic

Taking time off work to go to the doctors isn’t always an easy option which has prompted the rise of several online clinics, a leading one being These offer tests and treatments by post that are quick but do levy a small charge for the service. Visitors to the site can be tested for between 1 and 7 specific infections, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Herpes. The STI Clinic requires registration to receive a test kit, based on giving a urine sample, which is then completed and returned by post. (All patients are assured delivery within 24 hours.) The results are given out in a couple of working days. In cases where an infection is identified, clinics will automatically get in touch to confirm the results. Visitors are then asked to complete a simple online medical questionnaire resulting in the delivery of the correct medication by return. Registration to completing the course of medication can take less than a week. (All medication is provided free of charge by The STI Clinic following a positive result.)

NHS Screening /Local GP

If you are registered with a GP, you can now visit them and ask to be tested for Chlamydia. It is estimated that a new case of Chlamydia is identified every 5 minutes, to this end the NHS now offer their patients the option of testing for the disease. The NHS also offers 16 – 25 year olds free Chlamydia tests if they are registered with a GP.

Genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics

GUM clinics offer both HIV and STI testing along with advice and support before and after the results are known. These assist any decision making regarding treatments and provide information about all aspects of sexual health. All GUM clinic services are free, confidential and can be anonymous if required. However visits to GUM clinics can be very time consuming and it can be hard to get an appointment.

Chlamydia: The most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, which can often present no obvious symptoms. Chlamydia affects both men and women and can cause serious problems if left untreated. The good news is that treatments are available and are highly effective in eradicating the infection. Chlamydia will show up in a test 14 days after infection.

Gonorrhea: The second most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the UK. This can affect both men and women. Not everyone will get symptoms but those who do will often get a discharge from the urethra and find it painful to pass urine. Gonorrhea is generally treated using cephalosporin antibiotics. Gonorrhea will show up after 7 days.

Herpes: Genital herpes can be controlled but once contracted; most people will experience outbreaks throughout their lives. Herpes can be controlled with an antiviral medication. Normally outbreaks of herpes are characterized by small blisters around the affected area. (PCR tests that The STI Clinic offer for Herpes only show a positive result if the virus is active. So if someone does suspect that they might have herpes but do not currently have symptoms, it would be better to have a blood test at a walk-in clinic to check for antibodies.)

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