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New research from the UK’s leading online takeaway site has found that people that stick with the same takeaway every time they order are more likely to be faithful to their lover and more stuck in their ways, whilst people that try every meal on the menu are likely to be more adventurous and even more promiscuous.

A nationwide study of 2192 British takeaway lovers has found that people who mix up their meal choices when it comes to ordering-in are likely to have more partners, relationships and jobs than Brits who stick with the same order time after time.

The UK’s leading takeaway site, commissioned research into British eating habits to try and investigate what a person’s choice in takeaway says about their personality.

According to the study, takeaway eaters can be broken down into two main types:

1. Re-orderers
2. Samplers

68% of people agreed to the stereotype of the ‘re-orderer’, characterised by their tendency to order the same meal from the menu every time they have a takeaway. The remaining 32% claimed to belong to the ‘sampler’ camp, typified by their preference to try different food and cuisine types.

When asked “How many partners have you had in the past 3 years?” 74% of the people belonging to the ‘re-orderers’ camp said that they had had no more than two partners, whereas the majority, 45%, of the ‘samplers’ said they’d had 5+ partners in the past 3 years.

Just 14% of the ‘re-orderers’ said they’d had 5+ partners in the past 3 years.

The stereotype also held true with regards to employment and holidaying also, with practically the same question resulting in similar stats. When asked “How many jobs have you had in the past 3 years?” 81% of the ‘re-orderers’ said they had held no more than 2 jobs, whilst under half, 47%, of the ‘sampler’ respondents answered to the same.

When asked “Do you prefer to holiday in different locations every year or return to a favourite destination?” 72% of the ‘re-orderers’ claimed to prefer revisiting the same destinations, whilst just 39% of the ‘samplers’ agreed.

David Buttress, CEO of had the following to say,

“We wanted to find out about people’s eating habits and the extent to which their choices crossed over into their everyday lives, something which is now, through the research, extremely evident.

“As with all stereotypes, there are exceptions to the rules, but it seems that for the majority of us who order the same takeaway meal every time we order in, we share certain personality traits.

“The well-known saying ‘variety is the spice of life’ has never been so apt for Brits!”


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